Home Education Inspiration

Home Education Inspiration

If it wasn’t for the world of blogging and social media then I would, personally, find home ed a lot more daunting. It’s great to be able to connect with like-minded individuals and take inspiration from the things that they are doing in their home education setups. I wanted to take time to share a couple of my favourite Home Ed Instagram profiles – do comment and let me know if I am missing any!

I’ve recently discovered Daisy Inspire, Create, Do who is ‘world schooling’ with her children. Her feed shows some of the incredible things they’ve seen and I can lose a good half an hour scrolling through her feed.

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* Instagram Trains * . . This is such a beautiful train ride, as the train slowly winds through the mountains next to tea plantations, past bustling towns and into tunnels. It’s become a bit instafamous, with every doorway a jostling queue for shots hanging out the door as the train goes round a bend. It felt a bit… I don’t know. Staged? Like another stamp on the ‘ instagram must do list’ maybe? That aside, it’s an amazing train ride and the ability to put your head out the window is pretty welcome when the temperatures rise and the air inside the carriage is heavy with the smells from food sellers. ( And yes. My kids did hang out the door. I employed my favourite parenting technique. Looking away…) #ellatrain

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I also love following my friend, Emma’s feed as she charts her adventures with her two children, and her adventures in her new home. She shares some fab curriculums that she’s trying out with her eldest as well as all sorts of other wonderful pictures

I really enjoy following Shelly too – she always shared some really fun and creative ways to use resources from some of my favourite sites- although as she shares such great resources I find my Amazon shopping basket permanently full!

Finally, I always enjoy seeing pictures from School with a Grain of Sand appear on my timeline. The sun always seems to be shining and the pictures are always happy


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