T-Veg – a Carrot Crunching Dinosaur

T-Veg – a Carrot Crunching Dinosaur

I’ve written before about how I loved anything dinosaur related when I was younger, and I am sure that it will be an area we look at in more detail when Mr D and Miss E are older. I love anything dinosaur related and this book, T-Veg The Tale of a Carrot Crunching Dinosaur is no exception.

T-Veg carrot crunching dinsoaur

There is something quite universal about dinosaurs that always seem to grab a child’s attention and Mr D loves this book. Miss E is also quite engaged with this book. It’s also a story that is easy to read as it rhymes so it’s great fun to read aloud to the children – rhyming books always seem to keep Miss E engaged and Mr D seems to be able to remember the words quickly with rhyming books too.

T-Veg carrot crunching dinosaur

The story follows Reginald who is a T-Rex; he is the same as any normal T-Rex apart from her would much rather eat carrot than steak. It’s a lovely funny story that conveys the message that it is OK to be different.

It’s a very vividly illustrated book and it’s unlike any other on our bookshelf. The use of bright colours is really effective in helping this book stand out from the crowd.

T-Veg carrot crunching dinosaur

t-veg is a great book to introduce ideas of difference. An explosion of colour




  1. 21st September 2015 / 08:11

    I love the idea of a carrot eating dinosaur – the dinosaurs in the illustrations are so much cute!


    • 21st September 2015 / 08:12

      they are fab Catherine – really different I think but so so effective x

  2. Emma Perry
    21st September 2015 / 11:50

    Dinosaurs and picture books are always a match made in heaven. I am particularly drawn to the illustrations in this one, they look quite stunning!


    • 29th September 2015 / 12:49

      indeed they are. The illustrations are just lovely in this x

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