City of Salford 10K – results

City of Salford 10K – results

Yesterday I ran the City of Salford 10km race. Following on from the run I did in July, I was hoping to finish in around 65 minutes, I’m thrilled to say I finished in just over 61 minutes – almost nine minutes quicker than my run in mid July.

My mum also ran and finished in just over 63 minutes – we are both really pleased with our finish times.

Salford 10km

It was a lovely day yesterday, but at times it was warm running – much warmer than I am comfortable with! The race started around 10:20 and the first 1km I completed very quickly – I then slowed down for a couple of kilometres before picking up the pace again.

I felt comfortable until the last half a kilometre, but by then the end was in sight! Then it was through to collect the goody bag – the tshirt is great and will be well used I’m sure (I ran in my shirt from the Manchester 10km which is my favourite running shirt at the moment).

The children quickly claimed the drinks bottles and other bits and pieces! We then had a walk back to the car and then home to shower and get something to eat.

I’m happy to have completed it, and am now looking at increasing my distances to try to work up to a half marathon. I am also really pleased with my finish time – I can’t believe in the space of eight weeks I have knocked almost nine minutes of my run time. And that includes an almost two week break due to various things. I’m so pleased and I know I’m not far off getting under the 60 minute mark.



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  1. Pat
    7th September 2015 / 21:10

    You’ve done brilliant and you did over 7 km today x x

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