My 4 Year Olds Book Shelf in January

My 4 Year Olds Book Shelf in January

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I’m a little later than planned with this (oops!) but I wanted to share the books that Emma is enjoying at the moment. We are working on her own independent reading skills, but I am conscious that she is not yet five, and so we aren’t really pushing it in any way. I am confident that when it clicks, she will be as avid a reader as her older brother is.

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Non Fiction

Emma has quite a different interest to Daniel, she very much enjoys picture books still and quite simple stories, but also really loves listening to non-fiction books about famous people. A real current favourite is Little Leaders which she loves reading with me, and, I am informed that she’s getting the follow up one for her birthday this weekend from my Auntie, so I am very excited for that one!

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We have started our People of Note project today. Daniel is doing his project on Roald Dahl, having discovered him recently and is keen to read all the books 😂. Emma chose Fatima Al-Fihri who I'll admit I knew nothing about. She chose her from this book (swipe across for next picture) that my auntie bought her for Christmas and it's proven a firm favourite. There's a second one about black female leaders that I'm hoping she gets too as she's really enjoying these books and learning about women across the world and the ages. I love doing these short projects with the children. We all learn so much. This is for our speaking and listening group which promises to be fun. The next one after this is Spring themed and Harry is going to make his debut at this one too!

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She has also enjoyed the Famous Family Trees(*) book which is a really interesting book of the family trees of a number of famous people in history. We have enjoyed looking at this, in particular Nelson Mandela who Ema has a real fascination with at the moment. It’s a really clever little book and I can’t wait to explore its full potential more this year. I anticipate ‘people of note’ being a regular theme of study for Emma this year.

the perfect sofa

Picture Books

In terms of the picture books that we have been enjoying together then Chicks Rule(*) by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and Renee Kurilla has been a really big hit with Em – we have read a few times together and it’s a really nice little story, packed with bright illustrations. I like this book a lot as it celebrate individuality and community action. Damian and I often comment on how different our three children are, and it is a nice story to read to them as we help them work out their own strengths and how they can celebrate their individuality. She has been enjoying The Perfect Sofa(*) by Fifi Kuo and she is able to read a bit of this herself, which is lovely for her. This is a bright and expressive book and I look forward to seeing what the future stories in this series looks like as this book is a lot of fun to read, as two friends hunt for the perfect sofa. Expect lots of giggles and shrieks of laughter with this book.

the perfect sofa

Activity Books

As well as reading, Em has really been getting into working through activity books on her own, She really enjoys doing wordsearches and puzzles so I love seeing her when she chooses one of the books off the shelf and sits busily working her way through them. There’s a couple we have been sent by Button Books in recent months that she’s taken a real liking to include the Castle and Woodland Adventure books (*) and the books by Alain Gree, Animal Activity Book and Transport Activity. She also has a wordsearch book that she is working through and it’s really nice to watch this part of her develop; she reminds me very much of myself when she does this. I think the activity books work well for her as there is a variety of things for her to work through and she can do some bits independently without needing to wait for me.

Chapter Books

Finally, she’s really enjoying getting into longer chapter books. Whilst Daniel can read these himself, and often takes himself off to read, Emma enjoys cuddling up and listening to me read them. A real fave has been Two Sides(*) which is a really nice introduction to chapter books – there are lots of bright pictures which helps bridge that gap. We have also been enjoying the Unicorn Academy books too and I am sure we will end up buying the ones we are missing in the series so far.

unicorn academy


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