Little Big Foot & Distracting a Poorly Toddler

Little Big Foot & Distracting a Poorly Toddler

If you have been keeping up with my twitter feed you will see Daniel has been ill this week. I have been distracting him with stories, toys and plenty of cuddles.

I saw the Little Big Foot ipad app pop across my twitter feed a few weeks back so I downloaded it as it was free. This week Daniel and I have taken a look at it in a bid to distract him from feeling a bit yuck.

Using the ipad is a treat for Daniel – I’m not a huge fan of kids and technology; I think the evidence as to benefits etc are mixed so we take a traditional route and stick to books and toys. We also rarely watch TV – Daniel only watches the Gruffalo film and that is only maybe twice a week.

Anyhow, the app is a traditional story of a small Big Foot who decides to travel outside of this usual home; looking for an adventure.  He ends up unhappy in this new world and is rescued by his father. It’s a lovely tale with lots of discussion points along the way.

There are lots of interactive points – touching the screen during the screen during the story reveals lots of little details – for example a big foot in this picture knocks stones together when you touch him; another washes in the river. The arrows at the top moves the story along to the next page.


Little Big Foot App review

The story itself didn’t do much for me when I had had a quick look through one evening when I downloaded it but Daniel was really engaged with it, which if I am honest surprised me. I thought he might be interested for a few minutes and then want to do something else, but he stuck with it to the end. We have used the app a few times this week so it must be a winner for him.

I think using apps like this is a nice way to introduce technology such as ipads, I am not sure I would want to use apps on a regular basis with Daniel,  I much prefer reading a paper book, but I can see it certainly does have its benefits and it worked to distract him from his illness this week. It is a nice compliment to reading and is good I suppose for distracting an older child when you are needing to sort a younger child out.

There are lots of nice details in the app such as background noises of a dog barking, the river running etc and these were nice things to talk to Daniel about. I also like that the images appear to be hand drawn and the colours are quite ‘muted’ and also that it is one voice reading the story, rather than different voices playing the part of each character; it makes it more like someone sat down reading to Daniel.


At the time of writing Little Big Foot is still free to download for IOS here .

We're going on an adventure




  1. 7th November 2014 / 11:14

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your post at the Toddler Tuesday Link Up Party! This sounds like a great app and I will keep this in mind for my son. Thanks again – hope to see you at the next party!

  2. Pam Francis Gregory
    7th November 2014 / 12:17

    Looks like fun!

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