One Third Stories – How the Dinosaur Got His Shoes

One Third Stories – How the Dinosaur Got His Shoes

We reviewed a One Third Stories box last year when I think they were first set up so when they contacted me late last year asking me if we would like to take a look again I jumped at the chance; anything that engages the children in Spanish has got to be good.

There have been some slight changes to the boxes now; they work on a module basis so three boxes (three months) is the first module and the boxes build on the language learnt in previous boxes. We did receive all three boxes in one go, but we have only really looked at box one so far in any great detail.

One Third Stories language learning subscription box

First, I think it’s important to note that this first box didn’t contain any new vocabulary for D and E. They have been learning Spanish for well over a year now so it’s good to embed the language, but it was all language that was familiar to them.

The way One Third Stories works is that you have a story which is written predominantly in English, with words translated as you go through. In the case of this story the vocab is numbers, colours, yes, no thank you etc – the basics of the language and the first things that you learn. Where it is a little more complex is that, in Spanish, the pronunciation of colours changes depending on if the noun is feminine, masculine or plural. This can be where it gets tricky to remember.

So, first up I gave D the book and set the audio book to play whilst we looked through it. Both D and E really enjoy the audio books and we have listened to them a few times and I sometimes set them to play in the background whilst we get on with other tasks.

one thid stories

The pack also comes with some flash cards of the key words learnt and an activity book which helps to reinforce the learning from the book.

I also used our white board to do some stuff with D on beginning to read Spanish. He is able to read a few words and I want to help him get to grips with this a little more. I wrote numbers and then the Spanish spelling of the numbers and asked to D to match them up. It did take a few attempts for some of them but he did enjoy this I think – the whiteboard is a novelty I think!

matching spanish words and numbers

I also created a simple game for the children. This is based on a game that they have been playing in recent weeks at their Spanish class. The game is called ‘What is the Dinosaur wearing?’. It’s a simple game to play but requires the children to select the correct article and then pronounce the colour correctly, eg: Los zapatos azules or El sombrero rojo, La buffanda blanca and so on. We dip in and out of this and I can see D getting more confident in recognising the correct forms etc.

Spanish language learning game

I have made this game available as a download at the end of this post.

What I love about One Third Stories is the fact that it all supports each bit – the audio book and the story work well together and you can then move onto the activity book and flash cards which reinforces the vocabulary learnt from the book. There’s a lot of scope for making language learning fun and I look forward to dipping into the next two boxes.


The video above shows D playing our game and you can Click to download ‘what is the dinosaur wearing?’



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