#Givethegiftof with Miles Kelly

#Givethegiftof with Miles Kelly

I am a lover of books and I remember as a child the joy of opening up a birthday or Christmas gift of books, or as I got older being given book tokens which then meant the excitement of popping into Waterstones and getting to choose some beauties to bring home.

Our house resembles a mini children’s library – in fact I think we are better stocked than our local library! The children see books in every room – be it the books piled at the side of my bed to be read, the books in the bathroom for the occasions I find myself enjoying a long hot soak, and of course each of the children have books in their bedroom. I love that after my morning shower I nearly always find them sat on Mr D’s bed leafing through a book – and I adore it when I overhear Mr D reading to his little sister. It is magical.

Our living room has a large bookcase and the lower shelves are dedicated to the children’s books alongside a large basket which is packed with books (as well as an ever growing stack of books on the floor as we *may* have run out of shelf space!). I love this time of year as we get to share those special Christmas books and of course those lazy post Christmas afternoons when we can discover the stories in their new books together.

I’m thrilled to be taking part in the Miles Kelly #givethegiftof campaign. Last week the children received a very special early Christmas gift from the team at Miles Kelly.

Miles Kelly Christmas

The team have put together a fabulous gift guide which has lots of fab book bundles and ideas in. They are all grouped together by age – perfect if you’re struggling to find the right title. We were sent the gorgeous picture books gift set. This is on offer at the moment for just £20 and it really is worth every penny.

Miles Kelly Christmas

There are three books in the set, Big Book of Fairy Tales, Big Book of Nursery Rhymes and Big Book of Christmas Stories. When the package arrived the children kept saying wow mummy and it was hard to stop them diving straight in! (a curse of being a blogger’s child is having to wait for mummy to photograph things….). They opened one book each and jointly opened the third. Each book was met with more ‘wows’ and ‘look mummy’ as they pointed out the things they could see.

Miles Kelly Christmas

We have all been poorly this past week so the afternoon was spent snuggled up on the sofa reading these books. First up was the Christmas Stories closely followed by the Nursery Rhymes (and yes I had to sing every single one!).

The books are beautifully illustrated and really are captivating for small eyes – the children were unfamiliar with the Christmas stories but they sat, engrossed, as we made our way through the book – reaching out to touch the pages and point out what they could see – the stories are so wonderfully told and I know this will be a well read book over Christmas as we learn the story of the First Christmas and the Nutcracker as well as the Snow Queen and enjoy singing to the Twelve Days of Christmas. There really is something magical about Christmas stories with young children and this year will be perfect – Mr D has more understanding of the concept of Christmas and snuggling up in front of the fire with the Christmas tree twinkling away will lend to a wonderfully festive feel. I can’t wait.

Miles Kelly Christmas

The Big Books of Fairy Tales has some lovely classic stories and both the children, Miss E in particular, just adore these. We have read various versions of the stories in these books over the past year or so and it always makes me smile how they have been changed since I read them (for instance in the Red Riding Hood of my childhood the wolf ate Grandma only to be rescued by the Wood Cutter who then killed the wolf; in the newer versions Grandma hides in the wardrobe and the Wood Cutter scares the wolf away). Again the illustrations in this book are superb and rich with colour and detail – Miss E just loves to sit and turn the pages, pointing out the animals she can see.

Finally, the Nursery Rhymes book is a must have for any small child – singing nursery rhymes together is wonderful for speech development and action rhymes too are great fun. We like to get the musical instruments out and play along to our (well my…) singing and it is a nice way to spend some time together. There were a few rhymes in this books I didn’t know so it was nice for me to learn a few new ones too!

Miles Kelly Christmas

I love these books from Miles Kelly and think their campaign this Christmas is just perfect. To gift a book to a child (or adult) it to #givethegiftof wonderment, awe, adventure, language, inspiration and many many more things.

Gifting a book to a child will also benefit the family it will #givethegiftof afternoon snuggles, quiet time, togetherness, comfort and family time. My most treasured time of day is those moments before bedtime when we read to the children. It is wonderful. Whilst the children have been unwell this past week it has been the sharing of books that has helped distract them from their discomfort and engage then in something.

It really is worth a look at the wonderful Gift Guide from Miles Kelly – I’m already thinking of some purchases for Mr D and Miss E (although I really do need to clear some shelf space for them first!) including the Brother’s Grimm collection, Hans Christian Anderson and Aesop’s Fables – there really is something about the classic stories isn’t there?

Snuggly books





  1. 1st December 2015 / 09:26

    Gorgeous parcel to unwrap and enjoy for little ones #Readwithme

  2. traceyb1981
    4th December 2015 / 11:53

    Lovely books what a great parcel to receive! We have lots of miles kelly books they are great #readwithme

    • 5th December 2015 / 12:38

      they really are lovely aren’t they? My two adore the Christmas one at the moment x

  3. 8th December 2015 / 21:02

    What a great parcel to receive! Lucky kids. They look fab books too.

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