Building a Fire Engine

Building a Fire Engine

One of the great things about being a blogger is the lovely packages that turn up, unexpected. Last week when we were all under the weather we received a Junior Builder : Emergency Vehicles kit.

junior builders fire engine

Like most young children Mr D and Miss E are pretty mesmerized by Police Cars, Fire Engines and the such so this was an instant hit. The set comes with a book, stickers and the pieces to make a rather impressive Fire Engine.

We were all too under the weather (or more accurately I felt too poorly to have the patience to even look at this properly last week) and Mr D has asked pretty much daily if we can ‘make the fire engine today please Mummy.’

This morning we got the kit out and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and straight forward it looked. We set the pieces up on the table, after reading the page all about fire engines again.

Junior Builders fire Engine

The book is aimed at 5+ and there was no way Mr D would have been able to make this himself (he has just turned 3). However both him and Miss E had fun popping the pieces out and looking for the right numbered piece to pass to me, and helping me to fit the bits together.

It is actually really impressive and surprisingly sturdy. The ladder on the fire engine also goes up and down, much to children’s delight.

Junior Builders fire Engine

This really is a brilliant book and kit and the fire engine has pride of place on the windowsill, complete with Play Mobil crew. It also ignited some conversation that showed Mr D remembered our visit a month or so ago to the Fire and Rescue Museum.

The book is priced at £14.99 and it is well worth the money. The Fire Engine model is really sturdy and the children have loved looking and playing with it today, as well as re-reading the book and taking note of the facts and information about the different vehicles. There is also a racing machines one in the same series


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  1. 28th November 2015 / 15:28

    This is so lovely. I will have to pop it on my mental wishlist for Alex x

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