Ezee Beads 3D Mini Scenes: review

Ezee Beads 3D Mini Scenes: review

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The children were recently sent an Ezee Beads 3D Mini Scenes set to take a look at. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but the children enjoy doing this sort of thing so I thought it would be worth a look.

The box comes with a good number of packs of beads in varying colours along with a little tub to put them all in. There is a board on which to place the beads, some design cards, a water bottle sprayer and a small tool for removing the finished design from the tray.

The children set about making flowers first of all. They enjoyed doing these simple designs and then moved onto a rabbit (Miss E) and a snail (Mr D). The design cards will slide underneath the tray, but we found it more difficult this way. The children instead followed the card bit by bit.

Ezee beads 3d mini scenes review

Once you’ve popped the beads in place on the design board you simply spray them with water. I was a bit dubious as to whether this would work or not but it certainly did. The beads very quickly go sticky and begin to stick to each other. You need to leave them for around 30 minutes, but once they’re done you simply prize them from the design tray using the little tool; it’s really very easy and the beads do stay together!

Ezee beads 3d mini scenes review

Once you have got the various dried designs you can begin to build the 3D scene. I wasn’t sure how this would work but they’re actually really very good and do stand up and look quite impressive. The children are really thrilled with their ezee beads 3d scenes and I think it’s definitely something I’ll be looking to get them again in the future as they have had such good fun with them.

ezee beads 3d mini scenes review

The packs come with plenty of beads and we have been busy making patterns and flowers. Both the children are able to use the ezee beads well, only requiring a little guidance here and there as they try to get the design right.


The Ezee Beads 3D mini scenes have a RRP of £14.99. We were sent a pack for the purpose of this review.


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