Tesco – Farm to Fork Trail

Tesco – Farm to Fork Trail

A week or so ago now Mr D and I went along to the local Tesco to attend their Farm to Fork trail.

You might have seen this advertised as a thing for school children to do, in a bid to help children begin to understand the link between farming and the food on their plate.

tesco farm to fork trail

Another local Home Ed lady had set this up and I was happy to secure a space for Mr D and I. We headed there a few weeks back and really enjoyed the morning. First of all, we met with the other people in our group and then were invited upstairs to the staff area and what, I presume, is a training/community room. The room was set out so that each child had a clipboard with sheets on, a little tabard to wear as well as a hat. Mr D usually hates this sort of thing but he happily put his bits and pieces on, ready to explore the store. We had a short talk and then we all headed down to the fruit and veg section.

The children were asked to write down or draw pictures of the fruit that they have had and have liked so they all had a good look around, Mr D was keen to write down some of his favourites! After a short while, the lady showed the children a pomegranate, and asked if they knew what it was. Then, she let them sample some of the seeds before then letting them sample some raspberries.

child at the Tesco Farm to Fork Trail

Next up was the cheese counter and plenty of samples available here. They stated with a mild cheddar, then a white Cheshire before moving on to Stilton, goats cheese and other cheeses with fruits in. The children were asked to describe how the different cheeses tasted, and it was interesting to see Mr D try to describe the differences in the cheeses. He did well and tried them all. It would have been nice here to have learnt a little about the process of making cheese, but we can pick that up again together in the future.

children sampling cheese at the Tesco farm to fork trail

The next stop was the fish counter and the fishmonger talked about some of the fish and happily answered questions from the children. They were able to hold some of the fish if they wanted (including squid) and they got to name some of them too. Mr D wasn’t overly keen on this bit… not being a big fan of fish.

Finally, it was time to move on to the bakery. We got to do a short tour of the bakery and, when we were back in Tesco a week or two after the farm to fork tour, Mr D was keen to tell Miss E all about the bakery and the process of making bread.  I think this is the section he took the most from and really enjoyed it.

child in the bakery on the tesco farm to fork trail

After we had completed the tour it was time to head back upstairs. There was opportunity to ask any questions as well as picking up a goody bag with some activity sheets inside and fruit. We then headed to the shop to pick up some fresh bread and cheese (as well as a pack of pomegranate seeds for Miss E and Mr H to sample).

We are now booked onto a second trail at Tesco in the new year time, this one has a healthy eating theme. The Farm to Fork trails are open to home educators – to read more visit here. Have your children done the Farm to Fork trails?


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