Encouraging Language Development

Encouraging Language Development

Mr D has always been a talker but Miss E less so. I seem to recall reading somewhere that at around 18 months of age, most children experience a sudden ‘explosion’ in their language development and learn a mass of new words day by day.

We never really experienced that with Mr D. By 18 months old he was stringing together words and there was very little he wasn’t able to communicate. Second time around with Miss E and that sudden acceleration in language has been really noticeable. She seems to have almost gone from saying nothing to saying lots of things.

She is very much at the stage of learning new words each day, and is keen to point out the things she knows (mostly animals and vehicles). A good way we have found to help to do this is with books. We have a lovely book called First 100 Animals that we use to help extend her words and has the added bonus of being a lift the flap book so keeps her really engaged.

first 100 animals Priddy Books

It’s bright and bold and uses really clear pictures. it is also a nice one to use with both Miss E and Mr D as there are some sections I can read and use with both of them. For example naming the young of the animal (Miss E names the animals and Mr D the young) or matching up patterns to animals etc.  It’s great to have a book that works for them both. Mr D is really, really engaged with books and he can get frustrated when Miss E won’t sit to read, but this is a nice one that keeps them both engaged, but at their individuals levels too.

first 100 animals Priddy Books

Another superb and unusual book is this fold out treasure hunt book. I haven’t come across this style of book before but it is really neat. The book is a square shape with a corner taken away. The book then opens and folds out to show a page much bigger than the book.

treasure hunt Priddy BooksThere are five scenes in the book, this one is called ‘around the house’ and is packed with items that young children will be familiar with. Both of them love looking at this and it’s a good way to test Miss E’s language development. I like to leave it open as she works her way around the images and tells me what they are, or if I ask her to point out the various things. There’s also plenty of counting activities that can take place with this book too.

treasure hunt Priddy Books

I was a little worried about how durable it would be, it’s lasted pretty well with my two, but we do use this one together, rather than it being left in the general book basket.

tresure hunt 2

Did your little one experience a sudden increase in their language development at 18 months? What others things did you do to help your little one along?




  1. cjfriess
    5th October 2015 / 08:10

    These look absolutely gorgeous – the pages are so bright and colourful 🙂


    • 6th October 2015 / 07:42

      they are really bright and bold- they are some of our favourite books at the moment x

  2. 5th October 2015 / 10:45

    mine have all been chatter boxes lol. I think books like these are so helpful so many images to see and questioms to ask. thanks for sharing with #readwithme

    • 6th October 2015 / 07:41

      yes, they can be used in a few different ways books like this to encourage discussions x

  3. 5th October 2015 / 11:11

    These too books are fantastic, so bright and engaging. I love the look of the lift the flap one as they are always popular x #readwithme

    • 6th October 2015 / 07:40

      yes, lift the flap books do seems to always engage them! x

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