A Little Hedgehog & a Greedy Dragon

A Little Hedgehog & a Greedy Dragon

Miss E is at the stage now where she has, all of a sudden, started enjoying her stories. Mr D has always devoured books and would sit for (quite literally!) hours whilst I read to him in the latter stages of Miss E’s pregnancy. Friends often joke that I have more books that the local library!

We were sent the two new additions to the excellent Storytime Series published by QED recently, and I couldn’t wait to sit down with them both to read these.

storytime QED

The first, Little Hedgehog’s BIG Day is a lovely story all about a little hedgehog who is going off to school. This is a great book and would be perfect reading for a child who is to soon start school.

little hedgehog Big Day Book

Little Hedgehog has, quite naturally, lots of worries about starting school, only to find them disappear as soon as he arrives. The illustrations are lovely and both my two were thoroughly engaged with this story. It was also a nice one for us personally as it allowed me to link back to some of the hedgehog stuff we had done recently.

The second Storytime Book is The Extremely Greedy Dragon. Mr. D LOVES this book. I was surprised actually but he really really did engage with this story. A small village has a problem of a large sleeping dragon – no one can wake it! However a young girl comes to the rescue and before you know it that dragon is visiting a cricket match, a barbecue and a wedding. It is a lovely little story and the illustrations by Chris Saunders are delightful. Lovely bold images. It’s a great story of never judging a book by its cover. (Which I guess I shouldn’t have done either!)

Greedy dragon Book

We have a few of the Storytime Series (previous reviews can be found here). They are lovely books to really develop a child’s love of reading and their comprehension of a story. Each story has a ‘next steps’ page at the end and gives a few questions and pointers for how to further discuss and engage the children in the book. These are perfect for Mr D at the moment as he is beginning to be able to develop that deeper comprehension.

The Storytime Series is a wonderful set of books from QED and I hope to add more to our collection soon.



  1. Pa
    6th October 2015 / 21:08

    I read the dragon book with Daniel. He loved it. So did I.

    • 6th October 2015 / 21:11

      it’s a good one isn’t it? We have a few of these storytime books and they love them x

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