Getting Organised for January

Getting Organised for January

I am sure I am not the only person who is busy thinking, sorting and organising at the start of the new year. The changing of the year is a good time to reflect and change the things you want to.

Not many things really need to change for us, but there are things I want us to do. I want to have a real push and focus on getting Mr D reading – he can read OK but he can be reluctant to practice, and it’s practice that will improve his confidence. I spotted the read-aloud revival 31 days challenge on Instagram so we are taking part in that. Mr D really enjoys a tick list – he likes having something to work towards.

The Read aloud revival is a really simple idea – simply get your child to read aloud to you for 10 minutes a day. We have agreed that there will be rewards at various stages, so after seven days of reading they can choose a reward. The rewards are things like having ice cream, ordering pizza, movie and popcorn afternoon, staying up late. It’s working well for us so far and I’m actually really enjoying those ten minutes or so 1-1 time in the morning with both Mr D and Miss E.

Mr D is working his way through a number of early readers; we are on the Usborne ones at the moment. He is doing well with them. Miss E chooses some books to talk through with me; we talk about what she can see and what that might mean for the story. It’s interesting to listen to her and see how she interprets those pictures. Doing the read-aloud revival is really helping me get right back to basics with both the older children and their reading. You can find out more and sign up to join in here.

We are also going to be doing maths more often. Maths, of course, takes place every day in many different ways, but we need to approach it in a more coherent way as Mr D is really craving that at the moment; he has developed so much mathematically in recent months and I want to run with that. It’s easy to sit in and do the more formal stuff at this time of year when the weather is less than good! No one wants to be out at the moment with the heavy wind and rain, so we are making the most of that and working through the formal stuff at the moment.

child completing a maths book

Finally, we are going to be working on our Roman’s project. We have a history fair at the end of the month and our chosen project is the Romans. I need to sort out some sort of display stand for our project, and then from there, we can have a think about how we lay out our work. We have had a look through some books about the Romans and really enjoyed the ebook from Teaching Packs. It’s the first time I’ve used their resources and I am really impressed so far. Mr D has decided that he wants to produce something on the Roman Soldiers, Roman numerals and possibly the Roman Gods. I think we will also do a ‘what the Roman’s did for us’ section too. We have already completed a couple of things so we just need to start to pull that together.

I am glad to be back to normal now, and am certainly looking forward to our groups being back on next week – we have missed PE and Spanish and I know the children are keen to meet up with friends again.

Are you making any changes to your Home Ed plans for the new year?

organising our home school


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