Yo Yo the Panda

Yo Yo the Panda

The children were recently sent a very cute member of the Club Petz group – Yo Yo the Panda.

The Panda arrived a week or two ago and the children were super excited to hear her talking through the box! When they opened the box to discover a large talking panda they were even more excited.

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Lots of excitement for this which has just arrived!

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Yo Yo the Panda is very clever and operates using a sensor technology. Yo Yo calls for you when you walk into the room – very disconcerting when you are up at 3am preparing a night feed!

The children take great delight in checking if Yo Yo is hungry which they do by rubbing the bamboo leaf under her nose. In doing so Yo Yo responds by making yum noises as well as sometimes sneezing – the children love playing with her until they get a sneeze from her!

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Yo Yo also comes with a bottle which you feed her with and Yo Yo’s mouth opens to pop the bottle in and whilst drinking the milk Yo Yo falls asleep and snores a little too. To wake Yo Yo up you give her a little tickle on the tummy and she awakes with a giggle.

This arrived at a great time for us as the children see me feeding Mr H so instantly remember to check if Yo Yo needs feeding. They also love that she is waiting to call out to them when they come down for breakfast each morning.

Yo Yo the Panda retails at £49.99 and it is certainly one of the better interactive toys the children have had. It’s maintained their interest and teaches them empathy and some early skills in looking after and caring for others.

yo yo the panda is an interactive toy for young children - review here


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