Penguin books for pre-schoolers

Penguin books for pre-schoolers

I wanted to share our favourite penguin books for pre-schoolers following our recent penguin learning activities.

penguin books for pre schoolers

One Day on Our Blue Planet In the Antarctic by Ella Bailey (Flying Eye Books) is a real gem of a book. I reviewed this in more detail here last year. It’s a beauty of a book and the children have loved reading this with me, following the penguin and using their peg doll penguins to jump across the pages.

penguin books for pre schoolers

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers (HarperCollins) is a lovely tale of friendship as the penguin seeks his return home. This is a book for older pre-schoolers but my two (3 and 2) both enjoy this story.

Penguins by Emily Bone is part of the Usborne Beginners series and the children adore this book. This is our best of the penguin books and it presents lots of factual information in a really accessible way. We also have the Antarctica one from the same series which of course talks about penguins too.

Hiku by Nicole Snitselaar & Coralie Saudo (Top That Publishing) is a lovely story of a little penguin who really doesn’t want to take part in a family gathering due to his heart-shaped tummy patch. The children enjoy spotting Hiku on each page as they read.

penguin books for pre schoolers

Penguin’s Big Adventure by Salina Yoon (Bloomsbury) is a great story and is one of a series of Penguin stories by Salina Yoon (and ones that have promptly been added to the wish list. This is a great story following Penguin as he sets off on an adventure to the North Pole. There are lots of activities that can follow this book (weaving like the penguins weaving the basket, looking on the map at the distance he travels). The children LOVED this book so much and we all fell a bit in love with Penguin

We borrowed Animals Are Amazing: Penguins by Valerie Bodden (Franklin Watts) from the local library. The children love this book as it has some fabulous pictures in it and the text is short but conveys enough information for them to take in and learn from.

We also loaned 100 Facts Penguins by the excellent Camilla de la Bedoyere (Miles Kelly) is packed full of information. It is slightly too old for the children at the moment but there are lots of engaging pictures and I can pick and choose the information and facts I share depending on the questions they ask and where I judge their knowledge to be at.

Are there any other penguin books, both factual and story based that I should be looking out for?

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  1. Helen
    29th August 2016 / 10:01

    I’ve bookmarked this post – my favourite animals are penguins and as we are quickly approaching winter I’m looking for books to stock up my daughter’s shelves with 🙂

    Helen x

  2. sarah
    5th September 2016 / 13:24

    Ohh these are right up my nieces street. She LOVES penguins! And she’s only 5, perfect for her! the 100 facts about penguins sounds fab, even I’d enjoy that, hehe. #ReadWithMe

  3. 7th September 2016 / 06:12

    My 4yo loves penguins at the moment so this is a great list for us, thanks for sharing! I am Small by Emma Dodd is a lovely book about a penguin parent and child too.

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