Learning about World Flags

Learning about World Flags

Next week we will be taking part in our second geography fair, and D has chosen to do his project on flags of the world.

Flags really got his attention back during the world cup, and he soon learnt the details of the competing nation’s flags, so it seemed like a natural choice to continue this enthusiasm into his bigger project for this fair.

He is more or less finished now on this project, and just has a one last thing to do tomorrow. When we do these larger projects I always like to try and over a range of areas such as maths, writing, art etc, and I’ve managed to get a few of these into this project with D.  I thought it might be useful to share here to show just how much can be covered, and how, across a project like this.


  • This was quite an easy one to cover – D wanted to focus on the flags of the Spanish speaking countries, so we identified those and he drew out the flags. He then did some graph work to identify the most common colours used on the flags.
  • We also looked at ideas of symmetry in the flags – and did some drawing and experimenting with mirrors.


  • He spent a lot of time reading through a new book called Raise the Flag which provides stacks of information about all sorts of different flags and their traditions. Using this he has typed up some information about the American flag and also identified some other bits and pieces to share on his project
  • There’s been plenty of writing in this project, and it’s nice to see just how much progress he has made since last year in his ability, and willingness, to write.

Arts & Crafts

  • He used a weaving board and ribbons to make a Spanish flag
  • drawing of lots of flags
  • tracing a map of South America and thinking about how best to do that; materials, size of paper, type of pens used


  • Has learnt about the early flag of the USA and how it channged over time, and why


  • concentrated a lot on the countries of South America and can name and place many of them on the map, as well as knowing the languages spoken
  • Covered the geography of the USA and identified a number of favourite states and their flags (which we will explore in more detail soon)


  • Used the laptop to type up some of the information he is presenting in his lapbook
  • used google and talked about how to use google to search for images
  • learnt how to use the cut and paste function


There’s probably many other thins we have covered off in this project, but these are the ones that stick in my mind at the moment. It’s been good fun seeing it all come together and I am sure he will be pleased with his work when it is displayed at the fair next week.



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