The First Day of Spring?

The First Day of Spring?

On Monday I woke up to rain, rain and yet more rain. It had rained all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It had been an awful weekend, and luckily a weekend when we hadn’t wanted to venture too far from home. The older two had been happy enough with their junk modelling and Mr H is pretty content to play with his toys and watch his older siblings.

On Monday though, we needed to get out, so I had plans to get to Etherow Park to feed the ducks and get some fresh air. It’s a nice walk around the lake, just enough of a walk for the children to feel the exercise but not too far that they get fed up and tired halfway around. I am also keen for them to be familiar with the area so they can observe the changing seasons and how the area around us changes.

Undeterred by the weather, and slightly bemused that it was the first day of spring but, instead, resembled a wet November morning we grabbed our waterproofs and made the short trip. The children had their waterproof coats and trousers on as well as their wellies and I opted to use the pushchair with Mr H, he has had a bout of conjunctivitis and I knew he would soon fall asleep in the pushchair and I could pull the hood up too to help shield him from the wind and rain.

spring walk

The park was empty, except for one lady running and a dog walker. We made our way around the lake – the children bemused somewhat by the fact that even the ducks had given up! Such was the weather that they were all sheltering away. We headed up to the weir and the children were amazed at the volume of noise. It was a great way for them to understand how powerful water can be.We could also hear and see the river racing by, I don’t think they have seen the river moving so quickly before.

spring walk

After we had watched and heard the water at the weir we headed back round to the car park. The children always like to climb up the embankments here but it was far too slippy to even attempt it this time – they did, however see all the water running down as it made it’s way to the lakes and river; a stream they had been paddling in only a week or so ago was flowing very quickly and they could see it pushing the leaves and twigs away.

Once we got back to the car we were all pretty wet! I think Mr H had the best idea, keeping nice and snug in his pushchair. Miss E and Mr D were both pretty dry, once I’d got their waterproofs off them and once I’d peeled off my coat and waterproof trousers I wasn’t too bad either. We soon warmed up on the drive home. There was a slight panic on the way home when I thought I’d lost my house keys – I was worried they’d dropped out of my pocket when I’d been sorting out getting the wet clothes off us all. I was having a bit of a worry about how I’d sort out replacement keys but, thankfully they had fallen out in a box in the boot of the car. Phew! I really didn’t fancy being stuck out in the rain whilst I worked out how to get into the house!

spring walk

Once home I bundled everything into the washing machine and we had a hot drink and an early lunch.

Despite it being the first day of spring it proved to be one of the wettest and muddiest walks we have ever been on!


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  1. 24th March 2017 / 09:50

    The weather certainly seems to be getting better since the first day of spring!

  2. 24th March 2017 / 10:51

    I actually really like walking in the rain, as long as I don’t need to be anywhere! In Sweden they have a saying, which roughly translated is “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes” and I think kids are happy to be out in all weather, as long as they are dry and warm! Thank goodness you found your car keys!

  3. 24th March 2017 / 13:37

    I love a bit of rain, I kinda miss it living in Paris. My kids don’t care what the weather is like so long as they can go out and play!

  4. 24th March 2017 / 16:01

    I hate the rain: it always pours down on the school run gggrrrrrrr! It has been really cold this week too and I’ve put the heating on twice during the day! Spring not great so far 🙂

  5. 24th March 2017 / 18:58

    Great photos. You’re lucky to have that lake so close to you. I always admire mums like you who get up and go whatever the weather! Looks like you might have had some squishy wet socks to wash too.

  6. 24th March 2017 / 20:13

    Spring doesn’t seem to have finally hit us because the sunshine seems to be hiding. It’s lovely one day then horrible the next x

  7. Angela Milnes
    25th March 2017 / 00:30

    Well the weather has not been too fab where we are either. It sounds like you still had fun and I love the idea of junk modelling. We have been finding things to recycle and use for spring crafts.

  8. 26th March 2017 / 22:26

    The weather has been great for the last 3 days. I hope it continues like this.

  9. 26th March 2017 / 23:28

    Living in Ireland, we are well used to rain. Funnily enough kids just don’t seem to mind. We still try to get out and about like you guys, despite the weather.

  10. 30th March 2017 / 09:49

    Gosh you are so good getting outside in the rain. I am more of a hibernate inside and stay dry kind of girl. I know that I should be outside with the kids but I really really don’t like the rain 🙁

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