A spot of Creative Play Fun

A spot of Creative Play Fun

Last week we had a really busy week. We had lots of different activities to go to and enjoy, as well as having friends round to play one afternoon. By Friday evening both Mr D and Miss E were exhausted. Damian was working on Saturday so I thought we would have a quiet day in on Saturday.

I was worried that the children would want to head out, when what they really needed was a day to just ‘be’. Time to recharge their batteries and just play with no interruptions.

I didn’t need to worry. After we had got ready for the day Mr D found a loo roll inner and asked if he could have it. He disappeared downstairs with it, and soon he and Miss E had fished out various boxes from the recycling bags and were setting about decorating them with stickers, paper tape and pens.

I knew they meant business when they asked for the messy mat – a fab large oil cloth from Messy Me. It was a good job they had this down as pretty soon the glue sticks came out along with various foam shapes, paper and the such; all important things for junk modelling.

messy me messy mat

It was interesting to hear the children chatter away and, remarkably(!) work together in peace to create their masterpiece. I think it was a car they created in the end, although at one stage it was a boat too! I didn’t get a picture of the final creation as it was promptly whisked away to their bedroom for their various bears to play with.

I love seeing the children’s imagination and hearing them chatter as they work together. It’s nice to see that team work in play as they problem solve how to do something (in this case how to cut the loo rolls in half – they worked out they could squish them flat then cut them).

The children are in a real phase of ‘creating’ Mr D is enjoying practising his letter formation and the such. I know they mean business when the messy may comes out. This is a really lovely piece of oil cloth that covers half out table and provides more than enough space for them to get creative, without me worrying about the table getting marked (or the floor). I don’t want them to feel restricted in their creativity by me wiping up after them, so by having the mat out they can play and create in peace and I just simply give it a wipe clean before we tidy it away. Perfect.

messy me messy mat

I was sent a messy me messy mat to review. We love it! My floor and table are well protected from my messy children!



  1. 23rd March 2017 / 07:34

    These mats are great. It’s lovely when the children work together to create

  2. 23rd March 2017 / 13:07

    I am awful at crafts ๐Ÿ™ I dread my son’s half termly homework as I am the least creative person I know!

  3. 23rd March 2017 / 14:24

    We have a MessyMe Messy Mat too and it’s a parenting essential in my eyes! We use it under our daughter’s highchair, when painting, crafting or baking ๐Ÿ™‚

    Helen x

    • 23rd March 2017 / 21:14

      yes – they are really good. My oldest two just grab it and lay it out now ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. 23rd March 2017 / 21:12

    We have this messy mat. It’s so good and covered a good amount of space

    • 23rd March 2017 / 21:13

      they are fab, aren’t they? I wish I’d discovered them earlier!

  5. 23rd March 2017 / 23:28

    The messy mat looks like a fantastic way to get the children to bond. Plus it helps them expand their imagination by indulging in creative play x

  6. 24th March 2017 / 22:07

    Looks like lots of fun ๐Ÿ™‚ They are getting so creative.

  7. 26th March 2017 / 20:15

    They are fab aren’t they?! You can’t beat a bit of messy play and crafts ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

  8. 26th March 2017 / 22:09

    I bet it was lovely seeing them working together. I love my messy mat. So handy x

  9. 28th March 2017 / 08:31

    I absolutely love arts and crafts, but the only downside is, when we have the pens out, my daughter thinks my white walls are her blank canvas lol! A great mat and love the star print, very unisex

  10. 28th March 2017 / 13:51

    “Time to recharge their batteries and just play with no interruptions”. Love that!! So important for little ones, we love crafty days and sometimes the best crafts are found when rooting through the recycling bin for inspiration! ๐Ÿ™‚

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