Skip Counting + Free Printable

Skip Counting + Free Printable

The children and I attend a weekly group that teaches the children according to the ‘classical’ style. It’s a curriculum that originates in the US and whilst I don’t pretend to know a huge amount it, it works in part for Mr D’s learning style.

Part of the class is based on maths and another party on geography. In the first six week block, the children learnt songs to tell them how to calculate the area of a square, rectangle, triangle and a circle and, now we are in the second six-week block, they’re learning about skip counting; this is learning their times tables via songs.

So far they have been busy skip counting the 2’s, and at home we have moved onto skip counting the 3’s and have started, this week, to look at skip counting the 4’s and 5’s. It’s certainly captured Mr D’s imagination and he wanders around the house singing away his times tables. The song we have learnt for our 2’s is here and our 3’s is here.

skip counting with free printable

In addition to the songs Mr D is really into doing number mazes – essentially he has to find the numbers in the correct order to get from the start to the finish. I’ve produced a skip counting 2’s maze and a skip counting 3’s maze which I am offering as a FREE printable in this blog post further down.

Other things we have looked at are this fab poster from twinkl which we have printed and laminated and these cut and stick activity sheets in 2’s and 3’s. All three of these reources are part of the classic subscription.

skip counting with free printable

Miss E also likes singing the songs and it’s good fun listening to them. Mr D is now starting to apply his learning and I’ve noticed he will sometimes count things in multiples of two.

skip counting with free printable

To download your free printable skip counting mazes click on the links below

Free skip counting 2’s maze

Free skip counting 3’s maze


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