Some of our Summer Reading

Some of our Summer Reading

Miss E is now at the stage where she is enjoying reading. She doesn’t enjoy books in the same way that Mr D does, but she is starting to enjoy them and it’s always lovely when she brings me a book to read with her. She loves looking at the ‘thats not my….’ books from Usborne as well as Spot. It’s nice to see her get excited whenever a book parcel arrives.

We have been looking at a few books these past few weeks that the children have both been enjoying. They both really like Listen and Learn First English Words by Usborne. I’m a bit mixed on this one as I don’t think it is the usual superb book that is usually expected from Usborne. There are a set of cards which slide into a holder at the front. The reader then presses an image and it tells you the word. I thought this might be a good one for Miss E as she develops her language and speech but the cards seem to move around in the holder a bit, which makes it a bit of a pain when you have a toddler wanting to use it.

Usborne 100 First words

That said the children both enjoy it and it’s one they return to again and again, but I’m not convinced. In principle it’s a good idea but I think the way the cards are held in place needs a bit of a rethink. Miss E does enjoy looking at the cards and telling me what she can see, and anything that helps her early speech is always welcome.
School Bus Saves the Day is part of the Busy Wheels series from QED and this is one that I initially had high hopes for, but after reading it none of us really seemed to really enjoy the story.School Bus Saves the Day

I found the story difficult to read, I’m not sure why but I think it’s that I didn’t like some of the phrasing and it jsut didn’t feel like a natural read. The children didn’t especially engage with the story either and instead of sitting to listen, like they would usually spent most of their time pointing out the characters!

Miss E really does love looking at the pictures, they are lovely and bold and bright. The characters in this book are hedgehogs and we are going to do a hedgehog craft afternoon one day this week based on these characters. There is a lot that should work with this book, especially if being used in a ‘things that go’ topic, but it’s sadly not one that grabbed the attention of D and E.

dont pick your nose pinocchioOne that we do really like is Don’t Pick Your Nose, Pinocchio! There is a lovely message delivered in a funny and engaging way. The artwork for this book is lovely and it’s inspired me to dig out a copy of Pinocchio to read to D and E (it’s not a story I ever really enjoyed as a child but they have both enjoyed this so I will read them the original soon).

The story is aimed at aged 4+ and I think this is probably about right. Mr D doesn’t quite ‘get’ the moral of the story just yet but I am sure he will do as he gets a little older.

The book is part of the ‘Fairy tales gone Wrong series’ and I am sure that the other books in the series will be just as good (Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Jack and the Beanstalk).



I was sent a copy of the each of the books mentioned here in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are my own.


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