Splashing in the River at Chadkirk

Splashing in the River at Chadkirk

I am lucky that, where we live, we are blessed with some lovely areas to take the children to.

On Saturday morning we headed a short drive to Chadkirk Country Park. Chadkirk is lovely and is the site of Chadkirk Chapel (which is mentioned in the Doomsday book). The area is beautiful and extraordinarily well maintained. We had headed there in the hope of gathering some blackberries, but they weren’t quite ripe enough so we will head back there later this week I am sure.

Chadkirk country park trail

Miss E and Mr. D had great fun running around and were very excited to spot some snails – in fact there was a bit of a snail party going on as there were loads of them clinging to various bits and pieces. Mr D always tells us that they are going on their holiday – I’m guessing Chadkirk is the beach resort for them as there were so many of them!.

Chadkirk country park
Pointing out the snails

We then headed over to the bridge and then we took the children down to the river where they had a good splash around in the water – we will be heading here again on a hotter day. You can follow the river and walk to Marple (and I think it eventually leads to Macclesfield) but we decided to head back across and up to the chapel.   The children had such good fun splashing around and we have an impromptu lesson about how water flows (using leaves to demonstrate) and to explain which was the safe bit for them to play in.

Chadkirk country park trail

We took a route through some trees and Mr D found a large stick which he dragged around for a bit. He did start waving it around a bit too much though so we persuaded him to leave it behind as we headed into the Chapel grounds.

The Chapel is well maintained and is open at the weekends, but we were there mid morning so it was closed still. There are services that take place across the year so if you’re local it is well worth a look. There is a bird and bat box making session in a few weeks that we might head to if we are at a loose end on the day.

Chadkirk Chapel

We had a walk around then headed into the garden to gather some apples from the apple trees so we could make some apple and blackberry pies during the week.

In the past we have headed on past the Chapel and into Romiley (you can, if you prefer, head for a walk along the canal) but as we has the children and it was nearing lunch time we decided to have a good run around and after a short while head back to the car with two happy, worn out children.

charkirk 3

You can read more about Chadkirk here.


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