St George’s Day Activities

St George’s Day Activities

I know this is a little late given St George’s Day was 23rd April, but I just haven’t had time to sit and sort through the things we did to mark the day! And better late than never and all that….

St George's day is marked on 23 April  - see here for a range of pre school activities and resources to mark the day

We don’t really go all out for the various national days, but I thought it might be a good opportunity to introduce the idea of St George’s Day and talk about knights, dragons and castles.

We started by taking a look at the St George’s Day story using some twinkl story sequencing cards – we then looked at our Peep Inside the Castle book as well as a lovely story about The Extremely Greedy Dragon which both the children really enjoy reading.

We then set about playing the fab St George’s Day game from twinkl – this was a nice quick game to play so it held both the children’s attention as well as following the various elements of the St George’s Day story. They both really enjoyed playing this, and it has been played a few times since.

st georges day game

We then drew some pictures and added some of these very colourful knights and dragons stickers from Baker Ross. We use the Baker Ross foam stickers a lot as they are always wonderful quality and the children can peel them themselves without assistance from me. Miss E took the approach of trying to fill the page, Mr D took a more minimalist approach. It was nice to listen to them chatter about their pictures and the knights that were rescuing the villagers.

st georges day stickers

We then followed this up a day or two later by making some dragon stick puppets as well as me reading the story again and the children finding the appropriate picture for the stage in the story. This was a really good way to check their comprehension of the story and they both had great fun finding the right image to match the story.

st georges day matching

I had planned on them designing their own shields, but they didn’t want to do that, so perhaps an activity for us to do on a future date.

I was really surprised with how much they engaged with the St George’s Day story. There isn’t really anything done near us to mark the day but I have identified a lovely looking castle to take them to soon (perhaps next week if this good weather continues) and I hope it will continue to embed their learning about castles and knights.

The resources we used for our St George’s Day activities were:



  1. Pat
    6th May 2016 / 14:24

    Emma brought her puppets on sticks on Wednesday to show us. She was very excited.

  2. 10th May 2016 / 11:42

    it is a shame that st George’s day often gets over looked, looks like you guys had a lovely time making and doing tho! love the idea of making own shields

    • 10th May 2016 / 16:45

      I loved the idea of the shields more than the children did I think. My son doesn’t really like doing role play / dressing up so should have realised they might not want to do the shields. They loved the other bits though x

  3. 12th May 2016 / 19:54

    Is it terrible that I didn’t even know there was a St. George’s Day?! How cute is this?! Great idea!!

  4. 16th May 2016 / 20:51

    How cute are those stickers! Some great ideas Sarah, Thanks for sharing on #ToddlerApprovedTuesday. We hope you can join us again this week!

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