Baking with Children

Baking with Children

One of the things that I don’t do enough of with the children is baking. In part because my kitchen is so small and it’s hard to find the space to mix things and roll out dough etc.

However, the week before last I was sent some items from the Imperial War Museum shop including the Churchill’s Cookbook.

We have been getting into the kitcehn and making some lovely biscuits

We made some simple biscuits – it is Damian’s birthday next weekend so we will make something and add some decoration, we treated the baking yesterday as a trial run. The children had great fun helping me to weigh out the ingredients and of course getting their hands into the bowl to help rub the butter and flour together and then mix in the sugar.

IWM Baking 1

Mr D was very keen to make ‘circle shape’ biscuits so armed with the cutters they both set to work cutting out plenty of biscuits for us to share. I did try to persuade them to use some other shapes but circles were the order of the day. I was really impressed that they could both manage to cut using the cutters – Miss E had to stretch up a little but she still managed it. IWM Baking2

They were quite intrigued as to why I was flooring the worktops before rolling the mixture out – we have entered the ‘why’ phase with both children so we had a little go at rolling out the mixture without flour and then again with, which I think helped to satisfy their (many!) questions. It’s funny how many things you just do automatically yet the children question automatically too.

They were quite a quick biscuit to make and low sugar so they are great for the children.

It’s nice to see how the children’s understanding has developed – Mr D could tell me we would need butter and flour to make the biscuits and reminded me we would also need eggs if we were going to make a cake (which might be an activity for next week). They both then disappeared later in the day to make some biscuits in the toy kitchen in their bedroom.

There are of course plenty of opportunities for maths when baking and it was a good opportunity to show the children again how the scales work to weigh out the ingredients as well as getting them to count and recognize the numbers on the scales.

IWM Baking

The cookbook is packed with lots of classic ideas for meals as well as biscuits and cakes and I think we will be trying some of the chocolate biscuits next and perhaps one of the cakes next week ahead of Damian’s birthday. The children were also quite taken with the oven gloves – tragically we have been just using a tea towel to take things in and out of the oven since I managed to burn the last pair of oven gloves and they had great fun popping their hands in and out.


I was sent an apron, oven gloves and Churchill’s Cookbook in exchange for this blog post. All items are available to buy from the Imperial War Museum shop or online here.






  1. 8th May 2016 / 13:37

    They just love cooking, it’s a great way to learn so many skills #LetsLearn

  2. 10th May 2016 / 06:36

    Lovely post! Baking and cooking have so many naturally built in skills for young children! It’s wonderful to read your approach. Thanks for sharing
    Ayelet from Strength In Words

  3. Sara Handy Herbs
    10th May 2016 / 06:43

    Baking is such a great activity for developing a range of skills, isn’t it? Lovely photos showing how engaged they were in the activity 🙂 #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  4. 12th May 2016 / 14:09

    I don’t cook enough with T, although I do have some baking planned for this weekend. Love the apron, really nice! Thanks so much for joining in with #letslearn I hope to see you again this week xx

  5. 16th May 2016 / 20:49

    Love that cookery book! I want one for myself! The tot look like they had lots of fun, Thanks for sharing on #ToddlerApprovedTuesday. We hope you can join us again this week!

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