Making Music – the sound of the jungle

Making Music – the sound of the jungle

Following on from our Jungle themed activities last week I was keen to find an activity that we could include Mr H in. He is spending ever increasing periods of time awake and is always watching his older siblings so I thought a sound of the jungle music session might work well.

Music is a great activity for children to express themselves - great ideas for a jungle themed music session

We have a good range of musical instruments now and I thought it would be a good way to get Mr D and Miss E to think about using them in a different way.

I got the box of instruments out and asked them to think about the animals and plants in the rainforest and to choose and instrument. Miss E went straight for the maracas and Mr D our new harmonica from rainbow colours.

We had a talk about how we thought we could use the instruments to represent the different animals, insects etc. I used a rain maker to make the sound of rain (totally took the easiest instrument for  myself!).

making the sounds of the jungle

Miss E shook the maracas to make the sound of the rain too. Mr D decided the harmonica was a cheeky monkey swinging from the trees. I encouraged them to play the instruments in different ways, so rubbing the top of the tambourine to play a snake slithering along the ground, tapping the top lightly to symbolise a frog hopping from tree to tree.

The children had great fun with this and it was a nice way to get Mr H into the mix of things with some of the smaller rattles that he is able to hold on to and of course he very much enjoyed being in the mix of the sounds too.

making jungle music with rainbow colours harmonica

Mr D was soon keen to perfect his harmonica playing and decided to have a go at playing row row row the boat. The harmonica set from Rainbow Colours is really good as it comes with a music book which shows you how to play some simple tunes. There are four colour stickers to place over the holes on the harmonica and the music shows you whether to blow or suck to make the relevant note. Mr D is able to follow it (slowly) and can play the first bit of row the boat until he loses his place – not bad at all I don’t think for a three year old. I have tried to capture on video but to no avail. I have however managed to capture Miss E having a go which you can see over on Instagram here – she hasn’t quite perfected the tune… yet!The harmonica set is really lovely and it comes with a polishing cloth and a case to keep it safe. I am sure this will be an instrument both the children revisit time and time again and I like the really simple but clever idea of helping children to learn music. We are keen to encourage the children to learn an instrument at some point in the not too distant future so this is a lovely introduction.

Our instrument set consists of:

The children love playing with the instruments and I’ll be using this idea again in the future to get them to think about how they can interpret things through music. We are off to the Halle Orchestra in a couple of weeks so I am sure that that will also inspire them to think about music too.




  1. Pauline
    3rd October 2016 / 20:18

    Fabulous! Glad to see the babes getting down. Xx

  2. 4th October 2016 / 23:05

    What a lovely way to interpret music. #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

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