Rainforest Activities for Pre-Schoolers

Rainforest Activities for Pre-Schoolers

As regular readers will have seen, we have been busy learning using the rainforest and jungle as the basis for our reading and play the last week or so. I have shared our number jungle sensory tub as well as the selection of books we have been reading through.

We have, as ever, been doing lots of activities with a jungle and rainforest theme so I wanted to share our favourites here.

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Cutting and sticking is a huge favourite here at the moment. Mr D has really got the hang of scissors now. Miss E less so and she gets frustrated easily so ends up asking me to cut things out whilst she sticks them down. We used this jungle themed sheets from twinkl. They’re great as the pictures are all different shapes so we use them to recognise shapes, as well as the scissor skills. We also talked about the animals on the sheets too. After we had cut the animals out we stuck them down on a large piece of paper. I encouraged the children to think about which animals might live on the floor, which animals in the trees or in the sky. We then ordered them and glued them in place.

jungle activities pre school

They then set about adding tissue paper decoration – Miss E was scrunching them up and making a swamp for the crocodile and Mr D hit upon the idea of hiding the monkey behind a large canopy. I was really impressed with their imagination on this, and Mr D in particular came back to this activity over a couple of days.

We had a nice morning one day so I set the tuff spot up outside and gave the children large sheets of paper to paint a jungle scene. I didn’t offer any direction on this and I loved hearing them talk through their pictures. Mr D painted a sloth and Miss E did lots of flowers and trees. This occupied them for a good while before they moved on to a second picture.

We watched some YouTube videos of the animals. We don’t visit zoos so it was a good opportunity to show them the animals in the wild. We found some fantastic videos of chameleons and of the rainforest itself. They were enthralled by the videos of the spider monkeys, sloths and large butterflies that we came across. It really helped to bring their books and other learning to life.

I printed off a couple of pen control sheets which Mr D rattles through in no time now and we also had this number ordering activity. This again incorporates cutting and sticking so has been very popular.

We have also been looking at these (free) counting worksheets here. Mr D really gets through these quickly and he is able to write the numbers independently now, Miss E is able to count and I write the numbers in for her.

jungle activities pre school

Finally we had great fun pretending to be animals – lots of jumping around and making noises – I intend to do this again next week but using instruments to make the noises of animals – something we can begin to engage Mr H in.




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  1. Pat
    21st September 2016 / 07:26

    That’s really good Sarah. The children always look so engaged in their activities.

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