Atlas of Animal Adventures

Atlas of Animal Adventures

As a blogger I am often sent many many wonderful things and asked to take a look and share them with my readers if I enjoy the item. A while ago I was sent one of my most loved books, Atlas of Adventures, and it was a post that I knew could never do justice to the amazing books that it was. I have recently been sent the amazing follow up – Atlas of Animal Adventures and once again I find myself struggling to know where to even begin with this book review.

Atlas animal adventures

The book itself is oversized as you can probably see from the pic below from when it arrived – the children were really excited to see this and immediately set about pouring over the pages.

The book itself is just immense – As I think I said last time around Lucy Letherland is the master of creating illustrations that at first seem simple but as soon as you begin to look there is a level of detail that is astounding. Every time I have looked at this I spot something new and her drawings have a lovely playful like quality. The test is written by Rachel Williams and Emily Hawkins and they have managed to pack an awful lot of information into the book. There are snippets of information littered across the pages and the wealth of information about the natural world is fabulous. My children are almost 4 and 2.5 years old and they both enjoy this book and will continue to do so I am sure for many years to come as they become independent readers and can discover things in their own time.

Atlas animal adventures

The book itself covers over thirty scenes – these are over double pages spreads where the pages are filled from edge to edge with colour. There is information about how the animals live and survive in the many, many extraordinary ways that they do in conditions that seem almost impossible.

I also really like that the book doesn’t just follow the ‘popular’ animals of tigers, pandas etc but also looks at sardines and terns – it is brilliant to see other creatures presented in book like this.

Atlas animal adventures

There are so many things to spot in this book that it will take an awful long time to fully discover everything contained within the pages. This will, I am sure, become our first stop as we learn more about our wonderfully diverse world and will sit alongside Atlas of Adventures as our first port of call for many of our learning projects.

This is the perfect Christmas gift – truly unique and stylish and absolutely the perfect book to gift to a child (or even a book loving adult!). It is virtually impossible to not rub your hands across the pages of this amazing book as you discover the wealth of information contained within.

There is a fascinating interview with Lucy Letherland, the author, here which is well worth a few minutes of anyone’s time and to learn more about Wide Eyed Editions take a look at this interview with Rachel Williams here.

Atlas of animal adventures is the perfect book to discover the wonder of the natural world

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  1. 10th October 2016 / 09:59

    This looks like a great Christmas gift – a perfect coffee table book 🙂


  2. 10th October 2016 / 20:48

    This looks like a gorgeous book,would make a good Christmas gift 🙂 #readwithme

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