An Everyday Education – Road Safety

An Everyday Education – Road Safety

Yesterday it was Emma’s one year health check and Daniel’s two year check at our local health centre. I walked down with Emma and my mum followed down with Daniel as his check was a little later on.

On the walk home Daniel was a little reluctant to hold my hand, and it got me thinking about just how important it is that the children are aware of road safety. the health centre we are registered at is along a busy main road with lots of cars at all times of the day so Daniel pulling away and not wanting to hold my hand isn’t really an option at the moment!

Luckily there are plenty of safe crossing points such as a pelican crossing and crossing points with islands halfway across the road.

As the children get older and older I see just how much they learn from the everyday things that I do with them, and I have become more conscious of my choices when out and about. Where once I might have grabbed a bar of chocolate at the supermarket check out I don’t anymore – I want to model a healthy approach to eating for the children (not that I am averse to the odd snack of course!) and it’s the same when out walking with them. Crossing at sensible points is important, so using pelican and zebra crossings, looking for cars etc.

When Daniel walks to the end of our path he always looks for cars and says ‘no cars coming’ before he heads to the driveway to the car. We are fortunate to live on a very quiet road, but I am pleased that he already knows to look out for traffic.

I have come across this nifty little road safety quiz which is aimed at children and parents and covers ten questions about general road safety. It’s a great way to check your child’s understanding of sensible approaches to road safety. The quiz can be found below – I scored 9/10 – can you guess which one I got wrong?

Too many children are hurt on our roads each year and it is so important that our children learn how to make sensible decisions to help keep them safe.


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  1. 12th February 2015 / 21:16

    I seem to have done well now

  2. 13th February 2015 / 08:41

    … and meant to add all very sensible stuff

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