Planning for 2017 with Stigu

Planning for 2017 with Stigu

I’m one of those people who can always be found with a list. Lists of things to do, lists of blog posts to write, lists of jobs around the house, shopping lists. You name it, and it can be listed. My love of lists means that I quite like paper diaries, despite embracing the digital era I can’t quite get to grips with an electronic diary and so I rely very heavily on my paper based planners.

stigu planner 2017

Last year I was sent the most amazing planner, a Stick to Stigu planner. It has been used every week without fail to record anything and everything. It’s been my guru for events with the children, birthdays that I need to be aware of as well as Damian’s work commitments and all my blogging bits and pieces. This year, however I have decided to keep it just as my blog diary.

I want to grow my blog a little in 2017. I’m not sure to what exactly, but for my own sanity I need to be a bit more ordered and organised in my approach to things. I want to have certain days for doing things, such as writing posts so that I can plan my week a bit better and have a bit more discipline in the work that I take on. I’ve decided that my Stigu diary for 2017 is the perfect tool to help me do this.

The Stigu planner is perfect – each week is contained on a double page spread and there are five boxes each day to add notes to. During this year I had these five columns for the children, me, birthdays, Damian and then general things. It worked really well. The other side of the double page spread is blank with some helpful ideas on how to rest and secure some sort of balance in life. I found this were really helpful as just a quick glance at them each week and I had something to mind to help me rest or something to try. The blank page is also really useful for the never ending to do list!

stigu planner 2017

This year I am going to have my five columns to keep a track of review work that I am committed to and also make a note of regular linkies that I want to join in with as well as penciling in regular posts (like my five books series). I hope that in doing so I can become a bit more disciplined with how much time I am spending as well as hoping to get ahead of myself and schedule content so as not to over stretch myself with other commitments.

I really like the Stigu diary. It has held up well this year and has really worked for me and how I like to organise things. I do however need to sort out a ‘personal’ every day diary and think I might treat myself to a lovely one I spotted in a local garden centre recently – it was quite an unusual choice for me (It was illustrated with British Birds) but it was small enough to pop in the pocket of the changing bag and to keep track of the days out I have planned for the children next year, leaving my Stigu diary free for me to concentrate on my blogging commitments. I also love the new sticker range and to do pad that have been launched for 2017 – perfect for making your diary pretty!

stick to stigu

The Stigu planner is great for getting organsied and is really well thought out. Each page has a little tear corner which makes finding the current page easy. There are lots of motivational quotes dotted about the pages as well as really useful ideas for how to feel a little more rested or how to just carve out five minutes for yourself in the day. I also really like the volume of blank pages at the back – this is something that I used so much this year for keeping lists of things and noting things down. There is also a pocket at the back which is perfect for slipping notes and other bits into.

How do you organise your blog schedule and what are your favourite linkies to join in with?

2017 blogging plans with stick to stigu planners


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