Christmas Pudding Cakes

Christmas Pudding Cakes

As I mentioned in my Advent plans post last week, I have been working through the Adventivity House book from Quarto Kids and earlier this week we made some Christmas pudding cakes.

I’ll admit we haven’t completed everything from the book. This is partly because we are just quite busy some days and finding the time to sit and do an activity like these hasn’t always been easy, other days the children haven’t been in the mood or others just haven’t quite worked as I expected.

One we did really like that I just had to share are these fab Christmas pudding cakes. they are super effective and I thought they’d be a great example of what the Adventivity House book has to offer.

these qucik and super simple christmas pudding cakes and perfect for the christmas period

These Christmas pudding cakes are super simple. It’s a basic cake recipe with a couple of teaspoons of cocoa added to give the cakes their brown colour.

Once they’re cooled mix up some icing sugar and drizzle over the cakes – this is the bit my two could really help with. We then decorated our cakes with red icing and coloured marzipan.

This is a really simple and effective advent activity to do with children, and I think these Christmas pudding cakes will be something we make again before the festive period is over.

My two had great fun helping to weigh out the ingredients and of course watching the mixer and, finally, licking the spoons!

I look forward to seeing what else adventivity house has in store for us over the next two weeks or so.

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  1. 6th June 2017 / 03:28

    Ooh these Christmas pudding cakes look so tasty, even if it is summer haha! They look great xx

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