Dreams of a kitchen extension

Dreams of a kitchen extension

The end of the month marks the anniversary of when we got the keys to our home. Five years on, a house that once felt huge is beginning to feel small with the addition of three little people.

When we were looking for a new home there were things we had on our wish list, three good sized rooms, off road parking, reasonable sized garden and a decent kitchen. Whilst we managed to find most of these things, we did have to make one compromise; the kitchen. It is tiny to say the least and it is feeling increasingly small as I try to involve the children in cooking or I try to prepare meals for four of us (and five once Mr H is weaned).

It is also in desperate need of an overhaul. The kitchen units are looking tired and it’s not as bright and colourful as I would like it to be.

The plan has always been to extend the kitchen. We are lucky that at the side of the property we have what would have been the outhouses (we have a Victorian house) and these have been joined to the main house at some point in the past – giving us a large amount of storage space. In this storage area we have our large fridge freezer, washing machine, and shelving to store some of the children’s toys and craft items.

The hope is that at some point in the not too distant future we will be able to extend the kitchen across into this storage area, making one kitchen-diner and freeing up our current dining room to be a second sitting room or a play room for the children. We would be able to have a proper family kitchen where the children can get more involved in making meals and be in the same room as me when I’m making dinner.

We would also, hopefully, be able to add a small utility room on – somewhere to house muddy boots and the never-ending pile of ironing. Turning this storage space into a proper, usable area would really help free up space in the living areas of the house.

If money was no object, then we would complete a two-storey extension and create another two bedrooms. This would mean that the children could have a bedroom each and give us an option for another baby or to have a room for our books and laptop.

It all feels like a distant dream at the moment and I’m not really sure where we start on the building a kitchen extension project – I’m not sure what planning we would need (as the structure is already in place) and we would need to have a rough idea of the cost of building it before we commit to paying for architectural drawings.

Luckily I’ve been invited along to a ‘Design Your Dream Home Extension’ day to get inspired and get the advice I need. I’ll be spending the day with Tony and Charlotte from Crystal Living at their showroom in Cheshire, where they’ll be showing me what’s possible for my home and my budget. I’m excited to see what they can do – some of their kitchen projects look amazing, like something out of Grand Designs!

I want something clean looking but with plenty of areas I can personalise and change as interior trends and our own tastes change. I like bright bold colours but I also want to keep any extension in line with the overall feel of our house. I’d love to have a central island if we had the space for the children to be able to get their hands into the mixing bowls or for rolling out pastries.

I’ve been busy creating a Pinterest board full of ideas and things that I want to think about more if, and when, we ever get to build the dream kitchen extension.

What sort of things do you think are important when planning changes to the house, and what are the must haves in a new kitchen?


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