Our Home Education in June

Our Home Education in June

Well, it’s the end of June and with it we are nearing the end of our first academic year of home education. I think I can say I’m definitely feeling more confident about our choices and this month has been a month in which the choices we have made have paid off.

June started well with a trip to Frankie & Benny’s for a pizza making session and playing with friends but things soon went downhill. Daniel had some sort of mystery virus that gave him a temperature for around 3-4 days and a week of being very lethargic, withdrawn and generally off his food. We missed a few of our groups as he was so out of sorts. We did have a few quiet days at home, and it made me reflect on how thankful I am that I don’t have to worry about taking time from work – I can be with the children when he needs that rest.

Whilst we were having our quiet days we got on with the geo journey packs we had as well as some nature inspired origami.


We have since mid-June, been swept up with world cup fever and spent an hour one afternoon drawing out the flags of the 32 competing nations. Daniel has a remarkable memory and he has remembered many of the flags and their countries. It’s fair to say that Daniel has been well and truly mesmerised by the World Cup and has tried to watch as many games as possible.¬† We have, inevitably, used this as a basis for projects and learning over the last month.

As the World Cup started, Emma and Harry seemed to come down with the virus Daniel had been struggling with so we had a second week of up and down temperatures and general lethargy.

I’ve used this month to try and finish up some work on our history topics that we have been learning about as well as do lots of arts and crafts and set about making a lapbook all about Russia. We made Russian dolls and Faberge Eggs and this has really captured Daniel’s imagination and sparked a real fascination with colouring in. He has really been into colouring in – all day long. I’m intrigued as to what developmental thing this is working on, and I am sure in a week or two it will become clear what developmental leap he is making, but for now it’s all about colouring in.

We have been getting back into Spanish this month having taken an enforced break for various reasons in recent weeks and we have designed a book to keep all their learning and bits of paper in. I’m glad to be back on course with Spanish now and look forward to getting back into the rhythm of things with the children. We also, of course, attended a sports day this month which was just fantastic and was probably the highlight of our month.

When I look back at what we have done this month it doesn’t feel like a great deal of tangible work has taken place. We have had lots of days out; trips to the air field and to go Strawberry picking. We have dipped in and out of maths work and reading has been a big feature with trips to the library. Daniel has been busy making a robot costume following the reading of a new book that arrived last week and he’s already decided that he is going to make a motorised robot with my dad – the motor has arrived and I am sure they’ll set about making it soon.

Whilst it doesn’t feel like we have worked through much ‘work’ we have been able to really make the most of the good weather – and take some much-needed rest when the children have needed it. The hot nights have made sleep difficult which then means concentration levels are non existent during the day. Our choice to Home Ed means that, as frustrating as late nights can be, I don’t have to worry about how tired they’ll be in school the next day. I think working harder through the winter months definitely works for us as it’s allowed us to enjoy the good weather.

I feel quite relaxed as we go into the last few weeks of the school year. The big things I wanted to achieve have been, or are close to being, achieved¬† and I’m going to use the summer months now to tie up some loose ends and make some plans for the autumn about how we make the most of our time and focus on some of the things I think interest them the most, but more on that soon.


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