But what about Sports Day?

But what about Sports Day?

One of the things that people often assume home ed (HE) children miss out on is those sort of ‘community’ spirited events like the annual nativity and sports days.

The reality is, of course, that there is no need to miss out on such things. With a bit of effort and planning and some willing participants, it’s pretty easy to pull off an event like that.

We are really lucky that where we live there are a weekly PE group and a weekly football group run by the most fabulous teacher. He really has a great way with the children and my three certainly enjoy taking part.

He offered to run a sports day for us so, earlier this week on one of the hottest days I’ve experienced in the UK, we headed off to a local park to take part. The day cost us just £3 – £1 for each child to receive a commemorative medal. We did, however, make a donation to Jimmy who ran the event.

We had already been assigned teams (the black team for us) and a friend brought her face paints and promptly pained stripes on willing team members (and mums, grandads etc!). We claimed a spot in the shade under the trees and, when called, assembled ourselves for the first event – the relay.

What I loved about this was that the groups were all mixed age from H at just two years old through to teenagers in some teams. All joined in with a smile on their face and all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Next up was shoe throwing, followed by the egg and spoon race and then the sack race – it was such fun to see the traditional sports day games in action


After that, we moved onto the obstacle course which provided some respite from the heat while we waited for each team to complete the course.  Finally it was time for the ‘soggy’ challenge. There were calls for volunteers – I raised my hand but then decided actually I didn’t have anything with me to change into should I get very wet! The children had to dip sponges into buckets of water then run with them to fill a jug which was sat atop a willing volunteers head.

Perhaps somewhat predictably – this ended with Jimmy getting absolutely soaked when the children turned on him at the end… with some gentle encouragement from his daughters and the other adults.

The winning team was declared (not us!) and the children all received a medal. A truly fabulous day and one that will be remembered by many for a long long time.

I think there were some 50+ children that took part in the day; children aged from just two like Harry to teenage years. It was such fun seeing them all cheer each other along and I have never seen so many happy happy faces on parents, grandparents and children’s faces alike. It was a truly fantastic afternoon and I’m truly thankful to all those that made this event possible. It takes a whole lot of organisation behind the scenes and it was fantastic.


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