The Power of Community

The Power of Community

I wrote my post about our home education sports day and it got my thinking about the power of community.

The sports day was organised in a pretty swift and painless fashion; often when dealing with large groups of people it’s hard work to get dates agreed etc, yet this was all done with minimal fuss and maximum success.

It made me stop for a moment and reflect on the power that a community of people actually have. The day itself was fantastic and it was lovely to see such a community spirited event taking place – I suspect the people living in the homes overlooking the park were surprised with what they saw happening when so many families arrived at the same time but they too will have noticed the fun and laughter that was coming from the park too.

Community events are often so successful because you’re meeting with like-minded people who are all working or meeting with the same purpose and aims in mind.

I suppose we are lucky that where we live there is a sense of community spirit, both in our home ed community but also generally more wide spread. Facebook has been a great way to set up informal groups of people who volunteer to help each other, so thing like local running groups have been set up following a post in a local Facebook group where someone enquired as to such a group locally. Our local Health Centre works with a community cafe to provide some fantastic talks about preventative health measures or general opportunities to discuss hot topics. There’s weekly walks around the local area which does the world of good for many people and all are run by volunteers – working to help people in various ways.

There’s a local group that’s been established to support new mums who may be suffering from PND, there’s groups set up that distribute new baby goods to new mums that are struggling. There are community events held in churches locally, youth clubs, Messy Church, family film afternoons etc and I don’t think there are many weekend when I can’t find such an event to head to with the children.

There’s also those that help maintain stretches of the canal paths and those that have worked so hard to improve green spaces in the area by planting flowers and maintaining them – calls for help with watering the flower beds are always heard and people are eager to help. We are also lucky that, after spotting a huge issue with littering in a specific area, one lady locally acted as a liaison between the local council and local volunteers to undertake a huge cleanup of the area. Armed with a grabber stick and plenty of bin bags, the local volunteers tidied up a huge amount of litter and have now formed a group that, on a reasonably regular basis, set about tidying up parts of our local area.

There’s a lot to be said about volunteering in your local community – and it’s something I hope to be able to do with the children when they’re a little older.

I’m proud to leave where I do and am thankful that in both my home ed and general life I am surrounded by people who understand the power that community can bring


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