Taking a Journey to Italy and Japan

Taking a Journey to Italy and Japan

If you follow my insta stories than you might have spotted that all three of the children have been under the weather at various points since last week. It’s nothing that I can put my finger on, other than general lethargy and tiredness etc.

We haven’t really done too much ‘work’ of late; preferring instead to make the most of the remarkably good spate of weather we have been having, I thought that we’d have a quiet day yesterday so we decided to do the two Geo Journey packs that we had waiting to be explored.

As much as my planning is to do them within the month they arrive, the reality is that life gets in the way a bit, or other things come up that means we want to focus on them a little longer than I anticipated. The World Cup has been a big distraction this last couple of weeks. What I like about subscription boxes is that there is never a pressure to do them there and then, they can sit on the side until a time presents itself for when they’re ready to be done. They’re the perfect rainy day activity and require minimal prep which is always a bonus.

So, the two packs we had saw us first take a trip to Italy. The children have studied a bit about Italy by virtue of the learning they have done about the Roman Empire so they recognised some of the things Atlas and Geo told them about and it was nice to see that area of learning being put into use!

Geo Journey Box

We always read the letter first from Atlas and Geo then move on to the Trekkers activity booklet (I copy this so they have one each). It was interesting for me to note that Daniel is suddenly so much better at word searches since the last time we looked at one; linked I am sure to his sudden reading improvements. Emma was also thrilled to be able to find two of the words without assistance from Daniel or I and she was so excited to show me that she had found them.

We then had a talk about Italy and looked in our atlases at Italy (we have a few different atlases so I let them choose which they want to look at) before completing the passport and the travel journal and adding our location marker to the map.

The children really enjoyed this one and were keen to move onto Japan, which I think has been my favourite one so far (We have had UK, France, Egypt, Italy and Japan so far). The children loved listening to the letter and we talked a lot about how Japan was a very different country to the UK and some of the differences (using the letter from Atlas and Geo as the basis for this). We looked at some YouTube videos and set about completing the activity booklet. They were thrilled not have a go at the origami activities and had a lot of fun with this and did surprisingly well too!

The last page of the booklet was about Japanese numbers and Daniel immediately grabbed a piece of paper and set about copying the Japanse writing – not perfectly but I was impressed by his desire to do this.


We really enjoyed getting these two geo journey packs completed and our geography journey continued across the day when the children got out a large world map jigsaw and set about testing my brother on his knowledge of the location of various places…. he wasn’t too good!

Daniel thinks that Geo and Atlas are off to the USA next…. so we wait with excitement to see


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  1. Pat
    12th June 2018 / 20:47

    Fantastic x

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