Our Christmas Lists

Our Christmas Lists

This is a collaborative post

I’ve not written much about the children’s Christmas lists this year, as ever Christmas seems to have taken me a little by surprise, and the things I was going to blog about haven’t quite happened!

However, I do like to record what the children have asked for, so I thought I’d share that now (albeit with only a few days to go to the big day!)

Emma had quite a specific list this year – thankfully all achievable things. I was a little worried that she might ask for something impossible like a unicorn(!) or something she might think is achievable like a horse or pony. Thankfully she didn’t, so I don’t need to learn all about stables and food requirements for horses …. just yet! Although if you do then Spillers looks to have plenty of information to help you. We have a couple of friends who do horse riding and own horses and it seems like a very time intensive hobby, but one I am sure is very rewarding. I am, however thankful that her requests this year were rather more modest:

  • A cycle bike with a basket

  • a mermaid doll with a tail

  • chocolate

  • a new swimming costume

We managed to convince her that she probably doesn’t need yet another mermaid doll and she might want to revise that – she has four already and I know my mum and dad have got her some dolls. She how now changed it to a Prince Charming doll, which, annoyingly is near impossible to get as Disney don’t seem to stock it in store or online but we managed to get one from Amazon. No amount of persuasion would change her to ask for Prince Eric who is much easier to purchase!

Daniel has asked for a surprise – he genuinely, despite much prompting, can’t think of anything he wants. We have managed to get him a new bike – he has outgrown his other one so we hope this will be well received. He also has books, watercolour painting pencils and some new clothes. All things I am sure he will be excited by.

Harry, well poor Harry suffers a little by being the third baby – there really isn’t anything we can buy for him that we don’t already have in some form. We have got him a Peppa Pig bus toy (he loves Peppa and enjoys playing with cars) and some more magformers as these are a constant source of entertainment to him (and Daniel). I’ve also got some sticker books and a new dressing gown for him, and a few other smaller bits and pieces. It’s hard to know what to get him really as we already have so many things from the older two that he uses now. Things like jigsaws and train track we have in abundance so we really don’t need new ones of those.

We have also got each of the children a new game. Harry has an Orchard toys farm game, Daniel I’ve bought a Haba game we played at a friends house in the summer (Wild Vikings) and Emma has a mermaid themed board game. I am sure they’ll provide plenty of entertainment over the coming weeks, and I really want to get into regular board game playing with them in the new year as it’s something Harry is becoming more and more interested in and I think will be a good thing to do more often.

Damian and I aren’t really exchanging much, other than a small token gift. I have my gym training in the year and Damian has his football tickets, so Christmas for us is more about spending quality time as a five, and making sure we make time for each other with a drink out at some point between Christmas and New Year.

What’s on your children’s lists this year, and is there anything that you’ve struggled to find?


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