2019 Home Education Plans

2019 Home Education Plans

The end of the year is always a time to reflect and plan, and I am nothing if not a planner! I always have ideas and plans in various stages bubbling around in my mind, and the start of a new year is always the perfect time to formalise some of those plans. There’s nothing like a fresh diary and a fresh notebook to make the planning that much more fun!

2019 is going to be quite a big year, and I intend to step up our work. We have pulled back on one of our regular activities and I hope that gives us a little more freedom to do longer day trips out. I want to get to a few museums in the first quarter of the year, mostly The People’s History Museum, The World Museum in Liverpool, The National Football Museum (maybe a solo trip with Daniel) and the Whitworth Art Gallery.

Emma is keen to learn to read, and she can read some simple words but needs a bit of a concerted effort to really get it mastered. I’m going to be doing the Read Aloud Revival with the three children again this January, this worked really well for us last year, and I am going to also incorporate some writing prompts with the children too. As I’ll have around 30 minutes each day where I will be reading with the children, the 20 minutes when Daniel and Emma aren’t reading I intend to get them to choose a writing prompt each and Daniel can write about it, and Emma can draw something about it (or write if she feels able to). Daniel’s use of language is fantastic and I’ve introduced him to the Mrs Wordsmith storytellers dictionary this last day or so so I want him to get used to using that and to practice his written work (as well as his grammar).

I have just purchased the second Sassafras Science pack and will spend some time prepping that over the weekend. The next book is about Anatomy and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into that. I anticipate this will take us most of the year to work through, and I suspect we will have peaks and troughs with it.

I’ve asked the children what they want to learn about, and they’re being a bit vague. I plan to do something in the summer on the water cycle with them; we have covered it before but I want to do it in more detail now they are a little older. I have asked them to choose some countries to study, but they’ve been a bit unsure so I think we might do a continent study and do this over a prolonged period. I am thinking we might do Africa as it’s an area of the world where my own knowledge is very patchy, or we may do South America as Daniel is interested in South America (following the flags project we did last year).

As well as these projects we have the Science fair project coming up in January as well as a dinosaur project for the speaking and listening group we participate in. We will also continue with our maths work as well as English work and I really hope both Daniel and Emma can get into a routine with these skills and get back to enjoying them.

As much as I enjoy the Christmas period, I do look forward to getting back into a routine with the children and starting back with the work and the projects. It makes the house tick over the little bit better when we all have something we are working towards and the children of course enjoy getting back to the groups to see their friends.




  1. Pat
    29th December 2018 / 08:50

    It sounds like you’re well prepared and it all sounds very interesting. X

  2. 29th December 2018 / 19:33

    I’m spending part of my Christmas school holiday planning for homeschooling too. My almost 13 year old goes to school, but I’m homeschooling my 14 year old, which I’m enjoying mostly ha!

    Stevie x

    • 4th January 2019 / 20:34

      ah fab! Mine are much younger but I still like to have a plan for them – hope your plans went well! x

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