Crafting for Mother’s Day

Crafting for Mother’s Day

We haven’t done as much crafting recently as we would do. We seem to have been busy with one thing and another and barely spend much time in the house! I have plenty of ideas planned for Easter, which we will start next week, and we of course did some Spring based crafting last week.

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching I’ve been looking at some craft for us to do. I have to admit that I’ve been feeling pretty tired in recent weeks and as we have been doing a bit of work in the house and marking Miss E’s second birthday earlier this week, I’ve just been lacking in a bit of imagination.

We made up of a couple of Baker Ross kits last week. The first one we did were these tulip pencil pots. I thought these might be quite nice to do for my mum and we could buy her some nice pens to mark up her recipes with that she uses for her cake baking (talking of which did you see the amazing cake she made for Miss E’s birthday?).

Anyhow, we set about to make these pots and I have to say I was really disappointed with them. I’m a huge fan of the Baker Ross kits – as well as the things we get sent as part of their bloggers network I often order various bits and pieces from them. These however just didn’t work for us. The glue I used just didn’t hold the foam in place and to add the decoration took about thirty seconds. The children seemed a bit confused with it all to be honest.

tulip pen holder

We quickly put those to one side and instead set about painting up these ceramic flowerpots that have a lovely butterfly decoration on. The children had a great time painting these up. They don’t yet have the skills to paint the detail but they had great fun none the less.

cermaic pot painting

They spent a good while on these – both seemed intent on painting the inside of the pot and using ALL the paint colours that they could get their hands on.

cermaic pot painting

We used normal poster paints on these as they’ll be kept indoors. We actually gave these to my auntie for her birthday and the children chose daffodils to plant in them.

I’ve got a few ideas for cards that we will do next week – pinterest as ever has been a good source of inspiration!


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