Preparing the house for Baby 3

Preparing the house for Baby 3

We moved into our current house in 2011. When we viewed it we knew it was the house for us. It was the style of house we liked and it ticked so many of our wishlist items.

The day we got the keys we walked in to the now empty house and it felt huge. It felt like we would never fill the space we found we now had. A generous sized living room and dining room, as well as a large master bedroom and another two good sized bedrooms meant we have more space than we knew what to do with. For a long time much of the space went unused.

We quickly set about doing work. We started with the boring things like new guttering, external doors, and replacing some windows. We then quickly followed that with a round of much bigger work including rewiring, re-plastering, new flooring etc in the upstairs rooms. Throughout my pregnancy with Daniel we were having work done. We slept in the dining room (where we had moved our bedroom to) and it felt like a never ending job. I would come home from work exhausted to find the plasters still there working through. It was worth it though to know that the house would be how we wanted when our baby arrived.

Just in time Damian managed to get all the rooms ready for us to move back into our bedroom and to get Daniel’s room ready for his arrival. It worked well for us as it gave us some time off house jobs to enjoy life as a family of three.

Fast forward a few years and we are finding that we are rapidly running out of space and need to re-do the upstairs rooms to accommodate our third baby. Whilst I don’t particularly follow the current trends in home decor and design I do want to create a home that is comfortable and functional. I’m not, by any stretch, into the whole monochrome thing. I love colour and am keen to make our home bright.

Our dining room will need to be repainted at some point soon – it is looking tired in places and I am hopeful that that is an easyish weekend job to do. The furniture in there suits us for now and we have plenty of storage for the toys and arts and crafts bits and pieces. Our living room is also fine, having been done last year it is a room that works for us at the moment. It isn’t how we want it longer term, but it is functional and I love our stripy sofa and bright green feature wall.

We are in the process of tidying up our hallway with a repaint and the stairs/landing carpet will be replaced once that is done. The big, final job to do, will be to move Mr D and Miss E into the same room. We are currently looking for bunk beds for them and will need to give some thought to what colour we paint the room. I’m tempted by an off white colour with maybe a grey for the chimney breast wall – that way it will suit whatever bedding and other soft furnishings the children choose. I do however also love this mustard yellow colour – I think that could work in the children’s room.

dulux colour of the year

There are a few other bits and pieces I want to get – maybe a console table or a small shelf for the hallway and landing to help give that little extra bit of storage space. There are a few items I’ve got my eye on at Baytree Interiors that I think could work for us, so those with some pictures and canvasses will really start to add some comfort and a personal touch to our home.

It feels like there is an awful lot to do, and not much time to do it in! Did you do any big work to your home in preparation for a new arrival?


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