Spring is on its way

Spring is on its way

I love the autumn time – there is something about walks in the crisp autumn days – the air always seems so much fresher and cleaner.

My next favourite season is the spring. I love seeing the daffodils as they begin to grow at the front of our house; bringing in bouquets of daffodils and tulips into the house. That first evening when you realise it’s still light at 5pm. Spring is the sign that the cold, dark winter nights are over and with it the hope of a warm summer to come.

This week we have been talking about spring – the daffodils in our front garden are almost ready to flower and Mr D has been looking at them when we come in each day. It has also been the first time we have noticed how much lighter the evenings are. It’s been cold this week, bitterly so at times, but I know that in another few weeks we will be firmly into the spring time.

We have been talking about the things that happen in spring, the family birthdays we can look forward to celebrating, the things that happen and the changes that the seasons bring.

We have been taking a look at some of our fave books, Natures Day (see here) is a good one and we have been looking at this lovely little pop up book by David A Carter all about Spring.

spring david A Carter

The book is packed with things to spot and both the children were drawn to the rabbits on the final page – they both adore rabbits and we then decided to make up these tactile rabbit kits from Springboard Supplies. These would work as an Easter time activity as well as a Spring time one, and I think we will be revisiting this again soon.

We were sent a mini pack with five rabbit templates in and a pack of materials to thread through. This is such a great activity for developing those fine motor skills. Miss E hasn’t quite mastered it yet, but Mr D did once I’d given him a quick demonstration of what to do. I then drew on some facial features and Mr D added some more detail.

tactile rabbits springboard supplies

Next time I think we might try decorating with glitter and stickers too. These really are a great activity to do and I’m tempted to do the other three in the kit in the run up to Easter and make some bunting with them, if I get the time.

tactile rabbits springboard supplies

We have also been making some other bits and pieces to celebrate the spring. We made up these fab butterfly wand kits from Baker Ross. These are lovely to make up and we have them sat in a vase at the moment – it’s a nice decoration for the flowers we have in there. Both the children loved making these and it was good to talk to Miss E about the colours (her colour recognition is really coming along at the moment) as well as watch how well both her and Mr D managed to peel and stick the various bits and pieces on their own. It’s nice to find a craft that requires minimal input from me!.

butterfly wand baker ross

We also did this bug fingerprint kits too, talking about the different bugs we might see in our garden over the coming months. They are both still very much into snails at the moment and Miss E quite likes butterflies too, so these were nice to do as we chatted away.

fingerprint bug

Finally, we talked about daffodils – as I mentioned above there are some that grow in our front garden and they will soon flower. We talked about the changing seasons and how the trees will start to have their leaves again as the spring time arrives. We talked about different types of flowers. I like to have fresh flowers in the house and we have daffodils, tulips and gerberas at the moment. We talked about mummy’s favourite type of flowers and how they come in different colours etc.

We then did a spot of painting with some flower shaped stampers. I always think these are great value (£3.60 for 10) and we have a few sets of these foam stampers now. In the past we have used poster paints to stamp with but this time we tried this paint pad instead. It was a bit fiddly to get the covering off the first time but they were really good and much better for the children to use and get a good clean print with.

flower stamps baker ross

I am now thinking up some more spring time things we can do – I think in another week or two we might head to the local park to see which flowers we can see. Does anyone have any book recommendations to help identify flowers with preschoolers?


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  1. clarewilsontsp2016
    7th March 2016 / 13:12

    What a lovely way to combine crafts and a story. Love the idea of a Spring pop up book!

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