Expressions #5 – Good Morning Mummy

I missed posting my expressions picture last week – time seemed to escape me due to my husband working all weekend and funny napping schedules from Daniel and Emma.

However, back to normal and this week’s picture is my morning view, as it has been every morning since Emma arrived 18 weeks ago.

If you follow me on twitter then you have probably spotted my moany tweets about just how terrible her sleep is. We *think* we might be somewhere near to resolving that. However, each morning for as long as I can remember now, she has woken sometime between 04:15 and 04:45 (I am convinced this is something to do with the time she was born at – 04:25).

As both Damian and I are usually pretty tired at this point, having been up with her already at least once in the night, I tend to lift her into bed next to me and nurse her back to sleep, snuggled up close to me.

When I wake again, usually around 06:30 ish when Damian gets up for work I have this little face smiling away at me, happy because she is exactly where she wants to be!

I’m not sure the image she sees of her tired mummy is quite as cute!!

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  1. 6th March 2019 / 10:27

    Your baby looks so cute!!!!

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