Men’s Gift Guide

Men’s Gift Guide

Christmas is getting rather close now and with it the need to get those final few gifts sorted. I always seem to struggle with what to buy for Damian, so I thought I’d take a little time to share some of the ideas I have had for this year’s gifts.

We tend not to go too overboard on gifts for each other, neither of us really need anything and we’d much rather spend the money on the children or the bits around the house that need doing – and at the moment it feels like a LOT needs doing in our house.

I try to buy Damian practical gifts and things that perhaps he wouldn’t go out and buy himself. This year I am getting him a couple of things that are practical as well as things that are a bit of fun.

Mens Gift guide


First up I have chosen him a new jacket. Damian is an avid football fan and spends many an hour on the terraces watching football. I know all too well just how cold it can get (especially when it’s a less than impressive match!). I’ve opted for a new warm jacket* from the Technicals Jacket range at Blacks, I like it as it’s not bulky so won’t be too onerous to carry and it is also really lovely and windproof so should keep him toasty warm. It will also work well for our walks in the winter with the children.

blacks technicals coat

Something I have bought in the past for him is the fab game, Pucket. I think it was actually his last birthday I got this for him after we had played it at a friends house. It’s a really good fun game, and perfect for Christmas when you’re all a bit full after a large dinner. Mr D and Miss E quite enjoy playing this game too. I used to until I wasn’t able to win…. I need some more practice I think! Damian is good at it though and it’s a fast fun game to play. I will try and find another game to get this year; maybe a card game or similar.

Another thing I’m tempted to get Damian this year is a pair of wellies. It baffles me how he doesn’t own a pair, and we recently had a small flood in our cellar, and it became apparent that he really does need some wellies. I’ve not spotted any yet to buy but I will try and hunt some out. Any recomendations gratefully recieved!

A bit of a tradition for us both is to get a new outfit for Christmas day – usually a dress or nice top for me and a new jumper for Damian. I recently discovered a site called Dobell and have chosen a new jumper* for Damian. It’s a gorgeously soft blue lambswool jumper – it’s not a colour he would choose for himself but it will really suit him. The jumpers from Dobell are really well priced and the quality is superb. There’s a lot of choice on the Dobell website, so I am sure it’s one we will be re-visiting in the future.

dobell blue lambswool mens jumper

In terms of some little stocking fillers then I always like to get Damian a festive beer – he quite likes the real ales, and the supermarkets usually have a festive themed selection to choose from – I’ll get the children to choose those closer to the time. I’ll also look for some chocolate (usually Toblerone) to add in too – much to the children’s delight!

Finally, I might be tempted to get him an insulated Klean Kanteen from Babipur. Klean Kanteen’s are superb and the insulated ones are perfect for keeping drinks hot for many many hours – perfect for those football travels (or on the train to work).

What will you be buying for the men in your life this Christmas?


I have recieved PR samples of items marked * for the purpose of inclusion in this gift guide


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  1. 2nd December 2017 / 23:43

    Men can be so tricky to buy for can’t they?! Some lovely ideas here though.

    Stevie x

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