Five top tips for Maintaining a Clutter-free children’s bedroom

Five top tips for Maintaining a Clutter-free children’s bedroom

Is it just me that loves and dreads Christmas in equal measure? Don’t get me wrong, I am always so thankful when the children are bought gifts, but three young children means three lots of gifts, and of course we have Mr D’s birthday two months before Christmas and Miss E’s two months after – it can feel like a never-ending input of ‘stuff’ into our home.

I admit I struggle with keeping things clutter free, but we are slowly learning about how to maintain a clutter-free children’s bedroom! It’s not easy, but here are my tips for how to keep children’s bedroom’s clutter-free.

  • Be ruthless in the things that you keep. I am always going through the children’s things to weed out the toys that have got damaged or are just simply not played with, or that they have outgrown. Rotating the toys around (for us moving some into the downstairs room and from downstairs to the bedrooms) really helps to work out which toys are loved and played with, and which ones they really just don’t show interest in anymore. I then bag up toys that are no longer needed and donate to the local charity shops, or pass on to friends if they can make use of them. It means we don’t end up with stacks and stacks of toys and the children can actually access the things they love

messy lego on the floor

  • Make the most of all storage spaces. Storage space can be at a premium so making use of all the available space is key. At some point next year the boys will move into the same room and Miss E will move into the room Mr H currently occupies. At that point we will need to get Miss E a new bed and I’m thinking we really ought to be looking at getting something like a low cabin bed with storage underneath. These are a brilliant way to make the most of smaller spaces by creating a really good, usable space underneath the bed. The space underneath can be utilised in so many ways from being a play area, storage area of you can even get inbuilt drawers for storing clothes in. This will be perfect for us next year.

  • Choosing the right furniture is really important, as is taking the time to really work out what you need in the room too. Don’t buy a wardrobe if you don’t need it; in Mr H’s room we just use a chest of drawers and it’s helped to keep the room feeling more open and less cluttered. Also, think about the size of the furniture in the rooms; we have a smaller sized wardrobe in Mr D and Miss E’s room at the moment; it doesn’t dominate the space too much and means that the room feels more open and spacious, helping maintain a clutter-free feeling.

  • Make use of storage baskets and boxes. I am a fan of using baskets to store things in; it’s super easy to group things together and tidy them away, plus they are generally pretty easy for the children to manage too. The children can get overwhelmed when faced with a lots of toys to tidy away. We find that using storage boxes and baskets means the children can easily tidy their toys into these, ready for us to lift back into place

    toy boxof toys

  • Finally, bright and fresh colours really do help to create a calmer feeling in bedrooms. We have the children’s room painted in a bright fresh colour on one wall and then a neutral stone colour on the other walls. It helps to maintain a fresh feel as well as encouraging us all to maintain a clutter-free room

What other tips do you have to help with maintaining a clutter-free children’s bedroom?


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