Little Dog Lost

Little Dog Lost

Is there anything sadder than a lost soft toy, left abandoned at the side of the road?

For the past week a little white dog has been sat on our front garden wall. Waiting to be collected by its owner. Waiting patiently in the cold wet rain. Waiting to be taken home.

Lost white dog toyOur road is quiet but we have school children who walk down our road to the local primary school so I was sure it would soon be claimed.

However, this little white dog has sat, and sat, and sat. Waiting patiently to be reclaimed.

For over a week I have watched it get muddier and dirtier so, last night, I decided he could live with us and join the other soft toys we have.

After a quick spin in the washing machine and half an hour on the radiator he was ready to join in. Daniel spotted him this morning and promptly showed him where things were. Boat doggie. Door doggie. Mummy doggie. Emma doggie.

Doggie had the honour of being seated at the table for lunch and even made it to the stairs where the inner circle of bears get to sit, to wait for us to return home.

The little dog may not be with his original owners, but he will be much loved by Daniel and Emma I’m sure.


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  1. 1st December 2014 / 15:51

    Awe I’m glad you took him in I was feeling sorry for him then

    • 1st December 2014 / 21:10

      ahhh, not just me then! He is being well loved by my two 🙂

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