Learning about Big Cats

Learning about Big Cats

Last week the older two children participated in the local geography fair. D did a project all about world flags (you can read more about his project here) and Em did her project on the habitats of the big cats.

Em loves lions so this was a natural choice for her. As Em is only four and would have just started her reception year, I didn’t want to pitch this too high for her so we decided to share some books and think about which big cats we would learn more about. We talked about the different habitats they live in, and how they might have adapted to live there.

She focussed on lions, tigers, jaguars and snow leopards. We use quite large display boards and I didn’t want her to feel overwhelmed by the space we had to display her work on, so I got her to think about the different ways we could show the different habitats. She created three large pictures to demonstrate the mangrove swamps for tigers, the snowy mountains for snow leopards and the rainforest for jaguars.

For her lions, we created a 3d grasslands scene using some props from the fab make and play safari book and a painted box. I was really impressed with how she did this as we talked about how she might make it look like the grasslands, and using the book, One Day on Our Blue Planet, she painted the box up. I think it looked really effective and impressive, especially considering her age.

safari scences

She then wrote a little about each of the big cats and did a small lapbook all about lions. I was really impressed with how she took to doing this project and she was so pleased about it. I wanted her to simply learn what a habitat is and perhaps be able to name some of those that different big cats live in, but she’s done so well with this and I can’t wait to see what our next project will be.


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