Dreaming of Milan

Dreaming of Milan

This last month the children have been busy working away on their Geography fair projects, and it’s meant we have spent a bit of time looking at maps. I love pouring over maps, and have a wide variety for us to enjoy! I used to have a large atlas as a child that I would spend time looking at and tracing those imaginary border lines and wondering just how the land was divided that way. I always find it interesting to think where cities end and new ones begin.

Back in 2009 Damian and I have traveled to Rome for a holiday, and whilst at the airport waiting to return home, it became clear there was something going on as no one was able to board planes. Many, many, many hours later we discovered there was some issue with an Icelandic volcano and we were scheduled onto a flight a week later(!).

Anyone caught up in the volcanic ash cloud fiasco will know just how problematic it was! As beautiful as Rome is, I really didn’t want to be stuck there with no idea of when we might be able to return! When it became clear that we weren’t going to be able to get out rescheduled flight we made the decision to start moving in the general direction of the UK. We took lots of trains and ended up on an overnight crossing from Zeebrugge to Hull. But of the places we passed through on the way home, I wish we had had longer to stay in Milan.

milan cathedral

We took a train from Rome to Milan (a train that puts those in the UK to shame!) and we arrived late evening. My Dad had found us a hotel not too far from the station and we made the short walk across to it. The hotel was basic and I don’t recall much about it, but I do remember leafing through the information leaflets in the room and wishing that we had a few days to explore this wonderful city.  The Cathedral looks truly spectacular and I love the architecture and details in these sorts of buildings. Also, I hadn’t realized that Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic piece, The Last Supper was to be found in Milan – visiting the San Siro too would have been on our list and in the past, we have been fortunate and ended up with tickets to football matches.

Milan is in the North of Italy, and after an early morning walk to the train station, we made a series of train journeys, the last of which took us over the border and into Switzerland. We then got a really long train to somewhere else and then from there to Brussels. The winding journey through the Alps was fantastic and the views were superb.

Damian and I hope to take the children traveling in the next year or two, and Italy is a place we all want to head to – me because I really want to get back to Milan and explore the city properly, and the children because they’re heard that the pizza’s are delicious.

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