Bathroom Upgrades

Bathroom Upgrades

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This weekend we had a really busy Saturday but a fairly quiet Sunday. I like having a quiet day in the weekend, a day that just allows us time to all rest and catch up with ourselves. We didn’t do a great deal but Damian and I did get chance to sort through a few things – popping stuff up into the loft and sorting out through the older two children’s clothes – they have both had growth spurts and I’m fed up of seeing the same too short t-shirts and trousers on them – despite their protestations that they’re the favourite t-shirts!

When we had finished sorting those bits and pieces out and got the house a bit tidier we got on to sorting out our bedroom – it’s the one room that just always seems to be the last to get tidied and cleaned and it’s always the first room to become the dumping ground for those little bits and pieces that don’t really have a home.

Our bedroom is in desperate need of decorating – it’s been a while since it was painted and it’s looking a little tired now. I’m not sure what we will go for colour wise in our bedroom this time; perhaps something a bit more neutral from the darker plum colour we chose last time around. We then have a few plans to brighten the space up with new bedding and curtains and some new art for the walls – we have been after a Manchester skyline picture for a while but as we haven’t found the right one yet, I might just take some snaps of favourite and meaningful Manchester buildings and spaces and get them framed.

Once we have finished the bedroom it will be time to turn our attention to our bathroom. I do like our bathroom and Damian jokes that at this time of year I must turn into a fish as my default is to take hot baths in the cooler autumn weather. We have been looking at bathroom suites, but it seems to be a bit of a rabbit hole. I click on one thing I like and then another and another and before I know it I’m learning about different types of taps as well as negative head shower pumps – who knew there was this whole other world of shower products to consider!

And of course, the choices don’t stop there – once you start looking at tiles you soon discover there is a whole world of tiles choices – shape, size, material and colour – it’s an endless array of combinations and Damian and I are not good when faced with an overwhelming amount of choice – it becomes very hard to know what to choose!

Having a bathroom fitted seems like a big step – it’s such a big investment and it is also one of the messier jobs, with old bathroom fixtures and fittings being removed and tiles etc coming away. Plastering work is messy and the disruption to the house will need to be considered too. That said I do think it will be worth the upheaval to get something new sorted and give the bathroom space we have a complete makeover.

Any tips you have for renovating a bathroom with minimum disruption would be gratefully received!


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