1/12 – Our January

1/12 – Our January

This year January was kind to us. All too often January can seem like a dreary month, one to get through rather than a month to enjoy. However we have had a great January. We have been super busy and thankfully fairly bug free and looking back we have had a busy month but lots of fun too.

january review

Mr H is developing well and we are well into the weaning process now! He is teething away and is very dribbly so I am sure there will be more teeth on the way. I recently wrote his seven month update, and he has six teeth now – I am sure February will see more on the way. He is thankfully sleeping much better now after a few rough nights early on in the month and I hope the dreaded eight month sleep regression is kind to us.

The children were glad to resume their various groups after the Christmas break, including their much loved Spanish group on a Friday. We have also had some trips out, their favourites of which included a train ride on the pendolino train to Macclesfield. We had a lovely little trip there and a wander around the shops, followed by a drink at a little cafe. The children got to ride the trains again a few days later when we took the train home from Spanish, although Miss E fell asleep before train one of three arrived!


We have been learning about the body this month, most notably about blood and we did a little experiment about this as well as had lots of fun with a sensory bin. We have also been playing lots of games. the children got a few new ones at Christmas time, so these have been played with lots, and lots and lots – they have both really started to enjoy playing simple games. Current faves include, Shopping List Game, Farm Snap and Old Macdonald Lotto. All are great fun and perfect for helping little ones learn a whole range of skills. We also use them to practice and extend our Spanish learning too.

Mr D is showing ever more interest in words and numbers and we have been introducing ideas about counting in twos and threes with him as well as some early reading. He has expressed a wish to do word searches after seeing me doing some earlier in the week, so my task one evening this week is to do some simple word searches for him to have a go at. I am also going to try reading eggs with him soon, so keep an eye out for how we do with that.

Miss E continues to astonish us with her empathy towards Mr H as well as her general skills in relation to cutting and sticking and general fine motor skills, it is all too easy to forget that she is still only two.

We have also been busy getting to know more about the local Home education community. We haven’t, yet, firmly made any decisions about schooling, but we are both leaning towards Home Ed as the solution to some of our concerns. We still have some time to decide either way, and we will continue to think about that in the coming weeks.

February should be an exciting month for us, Miss E turns three and we hope to have a couple of family days out. Mr H is ever more interested in his siblings and their play so I plan to set up a messy play tuff spot that he can join in with. We seem to have fallen into a pattern of having Tuesday’s as a quiet day at home(although we seem to be doing lots on that day activity wise) so I think Tuesday might become a day to set up messy play for the three of them. We will see how that goes.

Also, excitingly, Damian and I have finally bought a new laptop (hurrah!) so I can set to work on updating my blog with the new theme that I got for Christmas and some changes and tweeks here and there.

January also saw me get some new glasses and finally get back into reading. I read my dads two books as well as almost finish a third book. I have a good selection to read after Christmas and I am determined to read them before the end of the year.

Damian and I also managed to get a night out – to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Lowry theatre, this was my birthday gift and it was great fun. I also went to see Billy Elliott with my mum, Auntie and cousin last week which was good fun too.

Finally, I am also going to aim to get more pictures of me with all three children each month – so here is our first selfie of the year – the best of a bad lot I’m afraid!


What are your plans for February?



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