January Review

January Review

I can barely believe it’s the end of January – where did the month go? It really has flown by – although at the same time Christmas feels like it was an awful long time ago.

January, finally, saw the early pregnancy tiredness lift – even now, just a few weeks after that exhaustion I can’t recall how awful it is! It’s the one thing I wasn’t prepared for first time around, and it just seems to get harder each time! I think it’s the fact that running around after both Mr D and Miss E means I don’t really get that time to sit down and relax in an evening.

I was sure I was smaller this time around than I was with Miss E however I found pictures of me at more or less the same stage in each pregnancy and I think I’m more or less the same this time around as I was second time. I was, in comparison tiny with Mr D and it’s almost laughable that I have a maternity top on in that picture! I think with Miss E I put on around a stone in weight. So far in this pregnancy it is around 4/5lbs I think, I’m certainly weighing less that I did with Miss E so I suspect I’m more baby bump this time around compared to baby bump and fat second time around.

Bump 18 weeks

I end January at around the halfway point in the pregnancy and I will be heading to the hospital next week for the anomaly scan and a consultant appointment. I love and hate the scans in equal measure – I will be anxious in the days leading up to the scan and those moments as they measure and check all is as it should be. I guess you just become more and more aware of all those things that can go wrong. However it is amazing to see the baby and its developing little body. The consultant appointment is another that causes me anxiety, but I’m trying to take a positive outlook and remember that I was healthy throughout Miss E’s pregnancy so I’m hoping things stay the same this time.

The end of January also saw us start some much needed work on our hallway, stairs and landing. Ideally we would be doing a much bigger piece of work which would see new plastering, skirting boards etc. This just isn’t realistic right now so Damian has been busy painting this weekend. Once the painting is done we need to replace the stairs carpet (which we will hopefully do next month) and then look at replacing the window at the top of the stairs and getting a new blind. It will hopefully make the whole house feel much fresher and then I can start to get some decorative pieces for the walls to make it much more personal to us.

The children are doing well and we have had fun learning about vets and the arctic/antarctic.  We have dropped one of our pre Christmas playgroups – we were committed to something everyday of the week and the Wednesday group just wasn’t one that worked for us any more in terms of the time of day and what the children were getting from it. Wednesday is now a free day and I’m hoping to make use of that day to visit some of the museums in Greater Manchester now I have a bit more energy. I think this week it will be Hat Museum in Stockport.

We had a lovely day on Friday with some friends at a fab rock climbing centre and it was amazing to see just how confident Mr D was in clambering up the mini climbing wall. He can start more formal climbing when he is four, but for now I’m thinking about taking them both to a session in a week or so that will give them access to the proper climbing wall. I need to just work a few things out on that before I book our spaces.

Rock over climbing

February sees us mark Miss E’s second birthday and I’m hoping that Damian will take a few days leave too so we may have a day out or two planned. I’m also hoping to get through a few more books from my reading pile. Activities wise the children and I will be doing some Chinese New Year crafts over the coming week and I think we will then do some work on the ‘our world’ theme. Damian and I also need to start giving some thought to cars and car seats too, to make space for the new arrival!



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  1. 1st February 2016 / 11:02

    Wow halfway already. I love the look of that climbing my wall, my boys would love something like that x

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