Learning about Colder Climates – Pre School Activities

Learning about Colder Climates – Pre School Activities

The weekend before last we have a flurry of snow on the Saturday evening – the children were enthralled by it. Mr D has seen snow before and been out walking in it, I suspect Miss E doesn’t recall the snow so much!

They stood on the windowsill watching the snow fall and were so excited about it – they wanted to go and build snowmen, despite the complete lack of snow on the ground!

Snow watching

Sadly there wasn’t enough snow the next day to build a snowman with but I thought I would use the recent snow to look at colder regions of the world and polar animals. We had a look at the fabulous Atlas of Adventures (I adore this book as it is visual and I know this is going to be one that we look at time and time again as the children get older) and also a Children’s Animals Atlas from QED Publishing. Mr D really liked looking at these and pointing out the animals that he knew and learning some new ones.

books to teach children about the world

We talked about how the coldest regions are on the top and bottom of the earth and he was quick to tell me that if we ever went there we would need to wear our hats, scarves and gloves. I don’t think he quite got just how cold it is!

We then had a look at various print outs from twinkl – I’ve got a Pinterest board here of the ones I used. The shadow matching in particular was a HUGE hit with Mr D. Miss E could match the shadows to the pictures but she can’t draw the lines as yet. Mr D is really into drawing lines at the moment so this was a great exercise for him to do. We have also done a couple of the pen control pages – again he enjoys these and I love seeing just how much he is improving. I find it interesting looking at how he uses the pen too. Miss E is very clearly right handed – she had always favoured her right hand when writing or handling anything. Mr D on the otherhand will use left and right – just depends how he feels.

twinkl polar regions sheets

We also had a go at the cutting sheets. Mr D has been asking to use scissors for a while now so we took a trip to Hobbycraft a week or so ago to pick up some child friendly scissors. We did attempt the sheets but he just doesn’t have the dexterity to manage it at the moment.

I also discovered ‘do a dot’ sheets from the fabulous Gift of Curiosity. I wasn’t sure how the children would take to these but they have both loved doing them. My next plan is to pick up some notebooks and cut the pictures out that they had dotted and add in name labels for them. That might be a job for later in the week. we are also going to work on the penguin themed pages too.

polar animals do a dot

These do a dot sheets are such a great idea and I was amazed at how good Miss E is at it – she is very precise with her handling of the paint dabbers (I bought these and these from Amazon) and there are some great activities to aid number and letter recognition that Mr D has been taking a look at.

Colder Climates Pre School Activities


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  1. 21st February 2016 / 03:56

    The kids love learning through books. National Geographic has some amazing photographs that priceless.

  2. 24th February 2016 / 10:09

    Great activities you’ve done with your kids! Thanks for sharing on #ToddlerFunFriday 🙂

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