A Sign that I’ve grown up

A Sign that I’ve grown up

There was a moment last weekend when I realised that I must be a grown up. Despite being married, having a family home and of course having Daniel and Emma I still don’t always think of myself as a real ‘grown up’.

That all changed last weekend. We had put the children to bed and were tidying the house. I had put load number three into the washing machine and set it off. We were just about to phone for our Saturday take out when we suddenly heard a strange noise from the washing machine.. Damian and I looked at each other and a panic came across me as Damian declared ‘well, that doesn’t sound too healthy does it’.

We stood and just looked at our washing machine. I’m not sure what we expected it to do but I was willing it to stop making the peculiar sound.

I’ve written before about how our washing machine is never off; my life is accompanied by the distant hum of the machine spinning and washing the never-ending piles of clothes that life with two small children seems to generate.

But as we stood there, listening to the unusual sound I realised that I was, finally, a grown up. I was already thinking ahead of where I would buy a new washing machine from and just how quickly it could be delivered. Even just two days without a washing machine would be unthinkable!

I realised, in that moment, that my absolute must have item is a washing machine. Once it might have been a mobile phone, laptop, TV or even the car but now, without doubt the one thing I would replace instantly would be the washing machine.

It is strange how times have changed. When I bought the washer (well, my mum and dad did when I bought my first house – a clever plan to stop me bringing my clothes back to them!) I didn’t really know much about what I was looking for. Now I’m all about rinse cycles, spin speeds and how long wash programmes take. There is even a Panasonic washing machine that reduces wrinkles in clothes and thus ironing time!

When the washer first arrived it was used twice a week. Three times if it was a week when I did a ‘white wash’. Since Daniel and Emma arrived it is on EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. There is a nappy wash five out of seven days, a towel wash once a week, whites, colours, darks (at least two colour and two dark washes a week). Is it any wonder the poor thing, is protesting?

So, it seems that this Christmas I might be taking a look at a new washing machine and hoping Santa can manage to squeeze it down the chimney.


Christmas Washing Machine

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  1. 15th November 2014 / 18:24

    An interesting and amusing read

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